-Benjamin Franklin

Even though my year is finished I still continue to live on the road with these philosophies. 

I'm a jewelry artist/metalsmith, mountain biker, freelance writer, adventure seeker and community gatherer.  I'm originally from good 'ol Nebraska but after a few years as an angeleno transplant I am now based out of Joshua Tree California. 

Case of the Nomads is a year long US tour to connect communities. I'm currently living in Jones...Full of Grace (combination of Indiana Jones and Grace Jones), my live/work space, which is a converted Ford Transit Connect mini cargo van. India the adventure dog and I left Los Angeles on July 1st 2015 with the plan to end up back in California by late August early September 2016 but ya never know with the road! We've been traveling to different cities/towns to check things out. We've visited with locals, checked out art, bikes and more! I've been connecting with others and getting involved, hands on with giving lectures about my travels/life on the road, visiting universities/schools, riding local mtb trails and sometimes just wandering around. By keeping a blog post about my adventures, travels and communities I've be able to connect and share with others around the world. Community is the heart and soul of this project. I feel it's how we learn, support each other and thrive. 

Thanks for following along and we hope to see ya on the road - Casey

Project Goals:

  • Connect Communities : Art & Bike
  • Live on the road for 1 year 
  • Create a portable live/studio space
  • Give Back 
  • Weekly blog post with updates and adventures
  • Finish writing my first jewelry design book....yes from the road!!!
  • Leave as little trail behind as possible

Reflections 2015

From the planning stages of Case of the Nomads while in LA to 6 months on the road. 

What do Nomads listen too?? Here's my ever growing playlist from the road, enjoy!!