The second week on the road, Alice and I visited lithium springs and I went on an epic ride in western Texas.

Words taken from my daily journals, with some enhancements… or there.

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Week Two: March 21st- 27th

Big Bend Ranch State Park: Grassy Bend Campground Evening journal session waiting for the days heat to break.

Instead of staying another night at Big Bend National Park, Alice suggested that we stay at Big Bend Ranch State Park (close to the National Park). We were low on supplies and needed to stock up. By heading to Big Bend Ranch we’d surely find a market.

 Our drive put us through Terlingua, where we did came across a great market. Once our supplies were refilled Alice got a text from her daughter about an under ground bar we should check out. We both agreed we needed to check it out. But the bar didn’t open til 5pm, what to do til then?

The Stranded

We killed time by exploring the area and came across a couple that was stranded and needed a ride. Alice drove, Gary (Mr. Stranded) sat shotgun, Barb (Mrs. Stranded) sat behind him, and Truffles and I took to the back. It was over an hour drive and on some really rough terrain. I was glad we could help them out, Alice was ecstatic.

After dropping the Stranders off, we cleaned up and headed to the cave bar.

La Kiva Bar and Restaurant had a cool entrance, some fun trinkets but really bad services. They do have a pretty great Gluten Free Pizza, though.

Epic Ride

This AM I didn’t want to wake. Once out of bed, I was quiet. I was needing some bike time. The days plan was for Alice to help the Stranders again, while I rode an IMBA Epic trail route!

Once dropped off at the trailhead, I looked forward to the alone time on singletrack. Just me and the bike. My start was slow and I ran over a cactus in the first few minutes. Hello Desert!! The sealant in my tires filled the holes instantly and I kept rolling, building up momentum. Some of the trails were technical with big boulders, rock drops, rock steps, some were fast and they all had flow. The trail was EPIC, IMBA was right! I had such a blast. The desert was all around and I was all ALONE.

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Taking breaks for food and water, I just took a moment. There is nothing better than a good mountain bike ride. I wanted to push on and ride the entire 20 some miles but I was getting tired and the sun was starting to blare. But I had an epic plan for the end of the ride. When I got to the point to turn around I made sure I was at a really high peak giving me a fast downhill. Jumping on the bike, I let go of the breaks and boomed (flew) down the 6 or so mile downhill, all the way back to the main trailhead. It was AWESOME!!!! By the end of my ride I had my peace, my time in nature, getting rad on my bike, and felt like a new person.

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Big and Bright

After a super crazy hot afternoon, it cooled to an amazingly chilled desert night. It was so dark and pitch black, except for the sky littered with stars! The more my eyes adjusted the more the stars popped! Then, out of nowhere, there was lightning on the horizon just yards away in Mexico. The skies were sparked with electricity. I was kicking myself for not grabby my camera equipment. “I won’t be so lazy tomorrow night” I promised myself, as I finished the longest pee ever. It seemed that all the water and beer I had drank decided to exit all at once.

Jumping back into bed I passed out to a great nights sleep. The back door was open letting the cool air and night sky in. At one point in the night, I woke thinking I had heard a Javalina but na, it was Alice sleeping more loudly than usual. I laughed while popping in my earplugs then fell easily back to sleep.

Long exposure night shot!

Long exposure night shot!

Chinati Hot Springs: Journaling while enjoying the morning’s hot tea while looking out on the deserts peaceful beauty.

We paralleled the Mexican boarder on our drive to the Chinati Hot Springs. It was quiet and calm. There was nothing in this open desert land but a few cemeteries, ranches, and boarder patrol trucks. I was excited for the Hot Springs, they were once owned by artist Donald Judd. Would there be any sign of him?

Once we arrived, Alice was unsure of how long she wanted to stay. There wasn’t wifi or much shade for the RV, so it was decided to take it day by day. Once the RV hit solid ground, we jumped out to explore. The property had cabins that were painted an adobe orange with sun bleached horned skulls hanging on them. There was an outdoor shower, indoor toilet, hot springs, communal kitchen, and abundant amounts of shade. I knew after our exploration Alice would be sold on the place and she was.

After dinner, Alice headed to the hot springs. I wondered around a bit finding my way back. Alice was in total bliss and I decided I wanted some too. For going my swim trunks, I jumped into the warm waters in my underwears. In that moment, I let the water take away my pressuring expectation and just enjoyed this time with my friend.

Lithium in the Water

I spent today working on video edits, writing, writing, writing. I’ve been on fires since we’ve been at the hot springs. Both Alice and I are sleeping great.  We have our days on our own and chill nights of dinner followed by hot springs. Tonight I’ve decided to pass on the springs.

Walking past, after her session at the water, Alice yelled to me, “I found out why we are so chill. There’s lithium in the hot springs.” If her expression didn’t convince me, I don’t know what would. I b-lined to the springs.

Taking in the waters powers, I could hear Jaime (my best friend) in my head she asked,

 “Are you having fun?”

“Am I?” I asked myself. “Yes, I AM!”

Once I’d had my fill, I enjoyed the freedom of the outdoor shower then poured myself another glass of wine. I found a spot overlooking the mountains and sat watching the stars slowly appear. Sitting alone, I could feel deep healing beginning. My wound, on the surface, had healed. Its left a nice sized emotional scar, yet, deep below, it lays wide open like a giant gash. At this moment, on this trip, I was writing, filming and creating again. I haven’t felt curiosity or the absence of fear in a long while. I’ve come so far since I left him. I was no longer hiding that person he wanted to control or destroy. She was starting….errr…she was finally out of hiding. How I have missed you. It’s so nice to be YOU, to be safe, to be sound. I’m f💥💥💥ing loving it!!

Me, being……ME!

Me, being……ME!

Tomorrow NIGHT!!!!

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