As I'm franticly gearing up for my trip to New Zealand I'm hit with the thought of purpose. I don't think what I do is my purpose. I just ride my bike, do crazy adventures, take BIG crazy risks that others won't even think of and if they did think about them they won't think it would be something they would want to act on. But what is our purpose anyways????

An expert in the field of others living their purpose is Helene Stelian. She has searched the world, high and low, for people that are doing amazing things. Who are REALLY making a difference. From end of life Doula's to spreading literacy across india to spreading as much love to as many kids as possible! That's amazing!!!

So I was a bit surprised to hear from Helene. She wanted to share my story, my purpose. I find it CRAZY that I'm living my purpose but why??? I've worked my butt off to find my way and now I'm giving that back. Here's the fantastic post from Helene. Make sure to check out all the others stories, share them with everyone you know and get inspired to LIVE your purpose! Thank you Helene, for all that you do.

Helene Stelian's Purpose Stories

Rebel Heart Girls Kickstarter

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With 13 days to go the Rebel Heart Girls Kickstarter is HALF WAY FILLED!!!! Thank you to everyone that has joined the rebellion. We are getting SUPER close, so keep spreading the word to others. If you haven't joined, here's your chance!

Francie & Finch in Lincoln Ne Presents:

The Happiness Hack by Ellen Petry Leanse

Book Talk & Signing Thursday from 6-7pm

I pick Ellen up tomorrow from the airport and excited to share her amazing book with you all. Please join us for a great evening event!! 

LIV Winter Warm UP Recap

A BIG thank you to Vanna and LIV for hosting such a great event at Cycle Works in Lincoln last week. It was a KILLER turn out!!! 

Heart Shaped World

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