I leave for New Zealand in a matter of weeks, days, hours, seconds! I keep asking myself:

WHAT ARE YOU DOING???  How are you going to do this???

I know you are asking yourself the same questions, along with: How will I be able to ride 86 miles a day for 30 days?? (I will have one day a week where I will have a rest day, but yeah, it's gonna be freaking HARD!) I've been training my ass off, almost literally. I've upped my gym time and ride outside as much as the evil midwestern winter will allow. Thanks to the freak 50 degree weather this week I plan to try out my fully loaded bike, with most all my gear, this week. I'll keep ya posted! On top of training I'm promoting my Kickstarter which, yes helps to fund this NZ bike tour BUT it also helps to spread the message of inspiring girls through adventure. (If you are down with that click on the kickstarter link). I also spent over a week creating the fun spot motion animation video which goes with it. I think it's pretty rad. Don't you think??

There are 20 Days left and I'm at 18%. Thank you to those that have already supported. That's AHHHMAZING. Those who haven't yet, I look forward to you joining the rebellion! BTW, This is an ALL or NOTHING campaign, which means if I don't reach my goal the project will not be supported.

Inspiring rebel heart girls to find the courage to follow their hearts by riding my bike 3000km across New Zealand along with a pre-sale “Rebel Heart Girls” sterling silver pendant

 So I spend my day sending out a gazillion emails, making important contacts and relationships to kick this message throughout and across the universe!!! I also connect and touch base, give updates to my badass awesome sponsors who have been so generous and giving. I've been gathering, organizing gear. Booked my plane ticket. Eating. Going to the Gym. Prepping for upcoming speaking engagements. Planning my bike route. Eating. Going to the Gym. Organizing my team, or more like forgetting to organize my team. Figuring out my phone service (or lack there of) in NZ. Eating. Going to the Gym. Doing my normal life things of date nights with the fiance, dog belly rubs, family dinners, TBI support group meetings, coffee with friends. Eating. Going to the Gym. Nightly panic attacks. And most importantly sleep. 

Financially I've been doing all that one can to bring in the monies. I work temp jobs, sell the items I no longer need or use, do without excessive luxuries, fundraise and keep it simple. Which, keeping it simple is much easier after road life. But I have the same worries as you, the same financial concerns. They wake me up in the middle of the night, plaguing me. Even though I have these worries I know they will pass. I know they won't keep me back from what I NEED to do. The road has taught me how to drive cross country with only 25 bucks, how to ration my food to last and that no matter what, there is ALWAYS a way.  

The doubts of my abilities, the "what the F*** am I doing", the "are you crazy" are the worst of it all. Before falling to sleep (in complete exhaustion) I seem to be totally in tune with my utter most fears. Joshua comforts me as I spew out self doubt by the gallons. 

I'm scared.

I don't know if I can do this. 

He reminds me that I will be okay and that I CAN do this. No matter the doubt, the challenge, the fear, support from family, friends, community, from anyone turns a I CAN'T into a I WILL.  Thank you to my family, friends and YOU for all your support. 

Heart Shaped World