In planning my trip to the UK last fall I couldn't pass up some spiritual shit: Avalon, King Arthur, Jesus, Chalice Well, where do I sign up!!!! I decided to bring along some chakra beads from Dakota Stones. I wanted to channel the energy of these magical badasses into the beads, which I did. I also dipped the beads in the Chalice Well, which is said to make you see through walls and even FLY! Okay, okay.....maybe I made that up but doesn't hurt to try.

After my trip, I jumped in the studio creating empowerment beads to carry with me while I train for Tour Aotearoa (and eventually I will take them with me on the Tour.). I'm very excited but also a bit scared for this new adventure and hope that some of the good juju from Glastonbury UK will help me along the way, making me a badass (fingers crossed!). I also added an empowerment bead necklace and bracelet to my website shop to share with you!!! 

This months video showcases my time with Merlin, the knights, The Mists of Avalon and all the spiritual awesomeness. Make sure to watch til the VERY end, past the credits. 

A big thank you to Dakota Stones for your amazing chakra stones, Round Beads for your awesome wood beads and Halstead who fulfill my sterling fix!! Thank you!!!

I hope you all enjoy this months video!!! 

Heart Shaped World