So I've spent two years living on the road by myself, well, with India the adventure dog, too. I've seen SO much. Learned SO much and gained a LIFETIME of lessons. Now what? Continue to travel and learn, of course, but there has to be more, right? I’ve had this feeling, this sense or this drive in my gut to do something with all this plethora of eye-opening knowledge that I’ve obtained.

Thanks to John Fulwider at Gear 80Traction/EOS and the AMAZING Entrepreneurs in Lincoln NE I have now taken this information, put in some mad focus and working on passing along what I've learned to others. Over the next few weeks, I’ll show you what I’ve been up to. What you'll read next is a small yet LARGE part of my vision. 


Someone who doesn't play by everyone else's rules. They make their own rules. There are no boundaries for a Maverick. They go over the line.


I’m currently giving an inspirational/informative keynote called “7 Life Lessons Learned from Solo Traveling” which incorporates my experience and expertise as a solo female traveler. This lecture will inspire, empower, and motive audiences of all ages, races, gender and stature. These lessons validate that you don’t have to live in a van or travel the world to change your insight and out look on life.

Give Back

When a company/organization/etc. books a lecture with me I will give a lecture (with my fee waived) to a middle school, club or the equivalent. My main focus is to help empower maverick middle school girls.

Why Girls?

As a girl....err....women myself, I have seen first-hand how women are treated and looked upon, especially when traveling alone. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. I've been frustrated, pissed off and empowered by these experiences. Girls and boys ARE different, no doubt bout that, but it's time for us girls and women to embrace our amazing qualities we have to offer the world. Girls represent so much power, strength, vulenarbilitiy, and love that can not be overlooked. If I pass on what I've learned to just ONE girl then I've helped develop the Future Maverick Women of the World! I think that's pretty badass, don't you?

Why Middle Schoolers?

Middle Schoolers still have a great sense of imagination and vulnerability, which I feel we start to lose once we get to high school and lose even more of when we become an adult. Adolescence is a critical time for brain growth. From ages 10-14 kids go from concrete thinking to abstract thinking. This means thinking about possibilities!!! The more engaged and "rich" new information is, the more likely that the new information will be retained. Time to mold and shape these young beautiful minds!

Why Mavericks? 

Navigating this wild world can be scary for anyone, especially those walking to the beat of their own drum. Mavericks make some of the most amazing people and also make some phenomenal things happen! But not following the “norm” can be lonely and frightening. Learning more about other Maverick Women like Sylvia EarleJosephine Baker, Grace JonesKathrine Switzer and MORE brings community. Through community we learn, find support and shift the greatness to better us all!

“Maverick is a word which appeals to me more than misfit. Maverick is active, misfit is passive.“ Alan Rickman


Together For Change

Companies/organizations that sponsor a lecture will be featured throughout my talk and PowerPoint, along with social media posts. I will also give a few shout out in thanks for making this magic happen!!!! What’s cool is that this is a WIN, WIN for everyone!
I’m currently booking dates from now through 2018. I’m pretty booked for the fall BUT have a few spots in November I'd love to fill. Late spring, summer, and fall are pretty open, for now.
Also, some of you may know, I'm headed out on my next solo adventure in Feb 2018, Tour Aotearoa: 30 day, 3000km solo bike tour across both islands of NZ! This epic adventure is gonna bring so many life lessons to my current inspiring/motivating lecture. I can’t wait to share it with you all!!!

Wanna sponsor a lecture and help to create Maverick Women?

Email me directly, we'll talk and make some badass magic happen for others!!! Oh and be sure to pass along to others that want to help the future Maverick Women of the WORLD!

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