Training Days Blog Post

I have never been a fan of training, in all honesty, I think it totally sucks!!! But I'm in preparation for a 3000 km, 30-day self-supported bike tour across both islands of New Zealand, Tour Aotearoa. So it's ESSENTIAL that I prepare myself for this radical task at hand. Training Day's Posts will recap my, well, training day's and will pop up throughout a few newsletters. These posts will include my candid training expeditions, gear trial and errors, scenic views, maybe a few rants, a funny view clip or two and possibly a F Bomb ...or two...or three (sorry moms). Oh and this is a heads up; The Training Day posts may not be for everyone and some content may not be appropriate for work computers, consider this your warning cause shits gettin' REAL! Enjoy. 

Innies & Outies

My ass, hamstrings and my lovely lady parts are killing me!! Even though I started my training off slow I've found myself in a realm that's not considered discomfort but not so much pain....what would you call that? Oh yeah, Training!!! 

1st Month Training Rides

  • Tues/Thursday : 1 hour each day
  • Saturday : 3 hours

2nd Month Training Rides

  • Tues/Thursday : 2 hours each day
  • Saturday : 5 hours

I actually spent two months on the 1st month's training schedule due to travels. I'm about to graduate to the 3rd month schedule of Tues/Thursday 3 hours, Saturday/Sunday 5 hours but I have a problem. My saddle (aka bike seat). 

Years ago I gave up my long-distant-gravel riding heels. It's painful, long, boring, and a masochist's dream! I prefer the challenge (and speed) of singletrack or downhill mountain biking. So why am I taking part in a 3000km bike tour if I loathe long distances, you ask? Well.....because of FREEEEEEEEDOOOOM! *yelled in a Scottish Mel Gibson accent* There is nothing better than setting out on a bike stacked with all your belongings and supporting yourself out in the wild ways of the world! Ahhhh man!!! It's worth the evil to get to these goods! 

Now, back to my problem. Now that I'm actually spending a LOT more time in the saddle I'm remembering the pain. I know there is suppose to be some tuff-ing of ones ass  (and yes I meant to spell tuff that way) but this is beyond all that. I'm not able to progress because my saddle is holding me back. I'm a little scared that when I bump up my hours I may actually hurt myself. No Good! Time to find a new saddlAfter some research, I found that bike seats are one thing in biking that is NOT unisex. I also found that choosing the right female saddle is not so easy. There are so many different styles, cut outs, non cut outs to choose from. Where does one even start??? Thanks to some helpful online articles I stumbled upon Cobb Cycling's website. Cobb Cycling has done a ton of research, diving into the deep unknown of a woman's nether regions. What did they find? That some women have innies and others have outies.

(Please refer to the visual aids below: two images of a peach. Innie, without the pit. Outie, with the pit.)

Who knew! I just thought all the lady "junk" was inside. Guess it can stick out a bit, or not. So why aren't saddles unisex? Besides the obvious? Women can't reposition their "junk" like the guys can, which I guess helps with comfort. I still don't know how a guy rides a bike without full on destroying his.....urrrr...banana. But that's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother time.

Even though I have my peach figured out I felt I needed more help. I reached out to Rachel at Cobb confessing, my now fruit salad, debacle. She responded the same day with a handful of questions to help her find the right fit for me: a long distant, hard tail, aggressive mountain yet touring, rider with an outie. The saddle for me? Well, I'm pleased to say I will be mounting a Randee. I look forward to our sweaty long hours of riding together and I really hope he doesn't chaff. I'll keep ya posted and won't leave out any details!

In closing and to keep with todays theme is a totally uncensored video by Peaches. WARNING: this video may and will be inappropriate for most, more the reason to watch it but maybe not at work. Enjoy.