After the new year, I went through what you could call a spiritual awakening. Thisawakening is a long, intense story I won't get into right now BUT I will tell you, I became aware that I'm an Empath. Crazy, right? I know. Oh just wait, there's more. With the empath stuff and an intense travel schedule, I was left battling fatigue. I then became unsettled, confused, lost, scared, dumb, a bit weird, along with a ton of other feelings/emotions/insecurities. So I decided I needed help and reached out to a new friend, Kristina, who happened to be a Healer with great gifts, like aura reading. After my reading, I felt Kristina gave great insight which left me a little....well, let's say less confused. Suggesting that I read up on the spiritual world, she gave great book recommendations including Anodea Judith's Book "Eastern Body, Western Mind".

During this time I went off the grid. Some of you may remember my great disappearing act. Well, I was in the desert alone with India spending my days reading, healing and writing. Slowly I began to heal. After some time I began to eat real food, once again, like potato chips or dark chocolate (my fav) instead of my month-long vegan/raw diet of kale, avocado, lemon, and water. The food issue was bad but the was the worst! Just after a few steps, I become winded with exhaustion. Thanks to India's persistent begging of a daily walk I slowly built up stamina and gained the ability to walk (then hike) a few miles. 

Some bad things happened but some pretty cool things happened too. I formed a great and close relationship with Kristina. My relationships with my friends and family gained strength. And the best part of all, I renewed my relationship with myself, which sounds cheesy as hell but it's true. I also started to see some crazy ass stuff! Woot, Woot!! Make way for the crazy train!

While reading about the 6th chakra (the third eye), I really enjoyed learning about pattern recognition and symbols. Here's the gist, the universe sends out symbols that are meant to help guide you. The way to recognize these symbols is through pattern recognition, which means you have to pay attention to the things that might be right in front of you. You have to be present and you gotta know to look. 

Okay, I thought, I can do that. What's the universe trying to tell me but I haven't been listening?  To find out, I kept my eyes open for symbols or patterns during an afternoon hike with India. I didn't strain to see what was or wasn't there, I just let it happen. Enjoying the beauty of the desert, I actually forgot to keep an eye out. I became present in the moment and wasn't paying attention to anything until I dropped India's leash. As I reached down to pick it up I noticed a strange looking hole in the dirt path. It was shaped like a heart. "Weird," I thought. Then, 2 paces later, I saw another heart but this one was broken glass. I then began to see hearts EVERYWHERE! And I still do. They are in rocks, dirt, roots, water. I've seen them while sitting poolside preparing for my SNAG lecture. I stepped over a moss heart outside my cabin while at the GMAC Jewelry Symposium in Grand Marais. I've even seen them in a torn bit of toilet paper on a bathroom floor. I'm not trying to see them, I just do. I'm also not making any of the hearts, I literally stumble upon them. 

Living a life through heart shaped glasses isn't ideal. I'm a rebel, a punk. I've asked the universe, WHY???? Why couldn't you show me stars or skulls or even arrows!! Something cool, something badass!!! Something worthy of a tattoo, a heart is sooooo lame!!! But what's that universe?? What am I forgetting??? Ohhhh that right....there's a reason behind the hearts! There's a purpose. I obviously need to focus on the heart, I get that. But their purpose? I haven't figured that out yet. But I will. Until then, I'll just have to keep digging on the hearts.

A few of the MANY, DAILY hearts that are now my faithful companions. 

One of the most badass women who's talent, in my eyes, is unmatched is Nancy Wilson. I hope you enjoy this extended guitar solo of Crazy On You by "Heart".

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