It's YouTube Tuesday and with the holiday season strongly among us I thought it would be nice to reflect at all the gifts in life. I'm thankful and grateful for being able to live the life that I want to. To be me and have the support of my family, friends and others.

A big thank you to my sponsors. You make it so a little punk like me can explore the world. Thank you:

  • BioLite for keeping my spirits lifted with the best morning coffee or pipping hot evening stew.
  • Big Agnes for keep India and me warm at night with a snuggly sleeping bag and roof over our heads when its too hot to sleep in the van.
  • Gnarbox for making film making soooooo much easier.
  • Dakota Stones for the most badass chakra stones, which brings empowerment to us all.

Happy Holidays and mad love to y'all!

Heart Shaped World

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