Case of the Nomads named one of Upventur's

Best of 2017 Digital Content Creators

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It's been a hard struggle, the last couple of years. Navigating uncharted territory, living solo on the road in a van, following my true calling, becoming my true self than getting to know that new self. This has all lead to my passion for adventure and love of creativity sharing it with you. 

At times, I feel alone. At times, I am alone. I sometimes feel that no one is listening, but I don't create just to please others or to hear your praise (even though it's really nice when you do, thank you!). I create in hopes that by sharing my story I'm helping to show the Casey of the past, my 10 year old self that is in others, that you can follow your crazy dreams. That you can live life and that these things: life, love, passion ARE worth reaching for. Yes, it can be hard. You're gonna faceplant, especially when reaching beyond your grasp. But you're also going to get up and reach yet again!!! It's okay to rebel against negative stereotypes, to feel empowered by going by the beat of your own drum, to wander til you find your path!!! And most of all, you are not alone.

An added bonus is to be recognized for this rebellious hard work (I think I saw Star Wars too many times, the Rebel is aligned!). I'm honored and beyond stoked that Case of the Nomads was named one of Upventur's Best of 2017 for Digital Content!!! Ohhhh shit ballz, it's getting real!

Thank you, to you all, for all your support and love over the past years. There is so much more adventuring ahead of me and I am honored to have you all along! Give yourself a pat on the back for being so rad and I'll do the same.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and I'm sending you all my love.

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