I Was Told

I always tried to be a good girl, doing what I was told. I was told not to play in the dirt. I was told “Ladies don’t act that way”. I was told, “come on baby just a little further”. I was told “I’m surprised you can keep up on a bike”. I was told “ladies should be careful traveling alone”. I was told “to smile”. I was told “to be charming”. Normal. Picture perfect. To be quiet. You can’t go there. You can’t do that. I was told a lot of things in life. I’m tired of being told.

I now play in the dirt. I now act like me. I now say NO. I am now a badass on a mountain bike. I now travel alone. I now smile, frown, laugh, scream, even snort or cackle. I am now real. I am now my own self. I am now perfectly faulty and proud of it. I am now loud. I now go everywhere. I now go with, or alone.  Most of all, I am now a good girl, no longer doing what I am told.

Heart Shaped World