Bump In the Night

There is scientific proof that zombies don’t exist. Well, I’m not really sure that’s true. I have no hard-core evidence and I bet I could just google to find out. But come on, we know that zombies, even if we really want them to be real, they aren’t. Except maybe at 2am. I feel this is the most magical time where fragments of the imagination come alive to frolic in the moon light sky, sounds like a Nick Drake Song.

Before leaving LA I had developed a pretty intense obsession for the Walking Dead. When prepping for van life, I tried to figure out how I would take Rick and Maggie with me on the road. I set aside some extra money so if I needed to I could stream my beloved. Then I actually took to the road where EVERYTHING changed.

My first night on the road I was too exhausted to miss out on sleep. The second night was much different, along with the ones to follow.  I stayed in the most scenic hidden gem of a campsite in Ketchum where I was completely secluded from life and cell phone service.  A place where wild sage grew along the rippling freshwater stream and perky purple flowers filled the open meadows.  It was damn picturesque until 2 am when I heard a scraping sound on top of Jones.

What the hell was that??

I sat up wide awake. There it was again…..sccccccrrrrreeechhhhhhhhh. I instantly thought someone was missing their hooked hand!!! Then it hit me. No, IT’S ZOMBIES!!!!

I was transported to the Walking Dead. I knew if I stepped out of the van I was going to be eaten. Then India. I had to stay inside. But I couldn’t handle knowing what that sound was plus this is road life. I have to protect my family (me and India!). So I grabbed my mom’s dive knife, which she gave me for protection, and my headlamp then muscled up my nerves to open the back van door.

Feeling a terror I’d never known was possible I shined the light out into the darkness. I knew at any instant a zombie would pop out, champing at my arm!!!! With the last bit of courage, I could muster I clinched the dive knife in my shaking hand and looked to see what was trying to scratch its way into the top of my van. Thoughts of what the hell would I do once faced with this creature took over!! What would Maggie do??? Or Rick??? I can’t kill a zombie, or could I?

My inner battle took over as if the zombies had bitten my mind causing total and utter chaos!! A brief moment of clarity kicked in and I got back to business. As the light struck the black speckled darkness of the top of the van I saw……a wooden CLAW!!! WTF!!! I felt a yelp try to squeak out but nothing! Then, wait….what is that? A leaf of the end of the claw??? What? As my fear subsided I realized that the “claw” was actually a tree branch. My dumb ass had parked under a tree and I didn’t even notice it. The claw, or branch, was hanging down and with the slightest breeze created a terrifying haunting sound.

“You’re an ass Casey.” I thought as I hung up my zombie slaying tools and snuggled back into bed

Heart Shaped World

heart in the street.jpg