"The Gift of Fear"

Years back my step sister gave me Gavin De Becker’s “The Gift of Fear” and damn near forced me to read it! I had just visited her in Los Angeles and was flying home to Nebraska. To calm my nervous flight nerves and to appease my sister, I began to read.  I found myself lost in the book which was filled with insightful stories about human nature and how we so often opt out on following our gut feelings.

Traveling has shown me the importance of going with your gut and that it is NEVER wrong. At the beginning of van life, I pulled into a campsite and felt in my gut something was wrong. I ignored it and decided to stay the night anyways. A few hours later my neighbors started firing off handguns!!! I jumped in the front seat and drove away.

Once safely settled into a new site I thought back to Gavin’s book. He talks about how we see things without registering that we see them. Looking back I tried to think of the signs my gut picked up on but my mind ignored. I recall the camp area wasn’t mowed and that the kiosk was beaten down, full of graffiti*.  The people “staying” at the site looked more like they were living there than camping for a night. And what I thought was a friendly wave of hello, in hindsight, was actually more like “what are you doing on our turf!” I should have gone with my gut!

Gavin has a great storytelling ability, which keeps you wanting more. You will be shocked by what little effort is needed to embrace the gift of fear instead of having it overcome you. Once you finish this book, which I highly recommend to you all especially the ladies, you will no longer doubt your gut or feel bad about following it.

“True fear is a gift.
Unwarranted fear is a curse.
Learn how to tell the difference.”
-The Gift Of Fear


*Helpful hint: If a campsites kiosk has vandalism on it, don't stay there. It means the site isn't being cared for by the right people. Just some helpful advice but you don't have to take it, just go with your gut. 

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