For this week, I feel its very fitting to focus on gratitude.  This practice may cause you to be vulnerable, which I'm grateful for but I know vulnerability can lead to fear. I also know, that the more we practice gratefulness AND vulnerability the less scary it becomes and the more pleasurable it will be. If you add this simple practice to your daily life I KNOW that your fear will be replaced with love. 

Challenge for this week: Add the 3 Grateful to your daily life. Either ask your family at dinner, friends over drinks or message me on this blog but share the 3 things you are grateful for each day. Do this all week long, month long, or add to your daily practice to see if you feel your heart swell.

Each generation has skepticism on the future but I have to say I have a lot of faith in the next generation. I've visited schools across the US and mountain bike coached our future selves. This opened my eyes to how each and every one of us helps to shape the world around us: past, present, future. If you are afraid of what lies ahead, then step in and "be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi 

The Next Generation Grateful

#1 Grateful

Laurel School: "To inspire each girl to fulfill her promise and to better the world." is the badass empowering mission statement for this an all-girls private school in Ohio. I had the privilege to spend the day with a bunch of the high school and middle school students. As I walked through the school, I was taken with the empowerment and respect that flowed throughout the hallways. I stopped in my tracks when I came across three simple words painted with graceful curves on the wall: Dream. Dare. Do. I'm grateful for these essential, empowering words and for this amazing school doing their part to create a better and bright future for us all.   

#2 Grateful

Sweetlines: I spent a week working with mountain bike coach extraordinaire and empowering role model Kat Sweet at her Gravity Girls Camp in Washington state. Kat teaches the importance of female empowerment on and off the bike which helps build self-confidence for the next generation of ladies. I am grateful for Kat's work, her inspiring badass team and what they do to enhance the future. 

#3 Grateful

Brockway Center for Arts and Technology: "Create a world class center and you will produce world class citizens" -Bill Strickland, inspiration for BCAT and founder of the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild. I had the honor of spending a few months as the visiting artist at BCAT in Brockway PA. BCAT is an afterschool program offering free art education and materials to high school students. I have never experienced anything more rewarding than introducing a kid to working with metal for the first time. Seeing them embrace, excel and get damn excited about art translates into life. I am grateful that others who know and show the importance and necessity of arts in education. 


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