For this week, I feel its very fitting to focus on gratitude.  This practice may cause you to be vulnerable, which I'm grateful for but I know vulnerability can lead to fear. I also know, that the more we practice gratefulness AND vulnerability the less scary it becomes and the more pleasurable it will be. If you add this simple practice to your daily life I KNOW that your fear will be replaced with love. 

Challenge for this week: Add the 3 Grateful to your daily life. Either ask your family at dinner, friends over drinks or message me on this blog but share the 3 things you are grateful for each day. Do this all week long, month long, or add to your daily practice to see if you feel your heart swell.

Giving Grateful

#1 Grateful

Beads of Courage: The Beads of Courage Program is a resilience-based intervention designed to support and strengthen children and families coping with serious illness. Through the program members tell their story using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage that they receive to honor and acknowledge each step of their treatment journey. I'm grateful for this generous charity and the brave work they do! I'm also grateful to be carrying beads of courage with me during the 2018 Tour Aotearoa

#2 Grateful

BioLite: I'm grateful to be a brand ambassador for such a conscious and giving company! 

"BioLite is on a mission to bring Energy Everywhere™ with revolutionary products that transform the way we Cook, Charge and Light our lives off the grid. We are a team of engineers and designers, operators and analysts, story tellers and evangelists, who believe that advanced technologies, built on sustainable business practices, have the power to change the world. Our unique Parallel Innovation business model pairs the needs of families living in energy poverty with the passions of outdoor enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of life outdoors and on the go."

#3 Grateful

GirlPowR: GIRLPowR is dedicated to empowering girls by reducing barriers to their equal participation in formal education, and fostering girls’ self-worth, socioeconomic independence, leadership potential and vocational opportunities.

GIRLPowR’s domestic education and empowerment programs for pre-adolescent and adolescent girls are delivered locally in collaboration with Lincoln Public Schools, Community Learning Centers, Lincoln Parks and Recreation, Air Park Rec Center and El Centro de Las Americas.  In Kumaica, Nicaragua, GIRLPowR programs are delivered by dedicated community volunteers, in cooperation with the primary and secondary schools and supported by the mayor and local community leaders.

I'm grateful for girl empowerment and those who help, transform and support our next generation!

Order your Empowerment Beads by Dec 10th for Holiday Delivery!!!


I recently returned from the UK. Since my Spiritual awakening I have been in tune with positive-empowering energy and was led to Glastonbury, England  History, Legend, and Myths of King Arthur, the Isle of Avalon, Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and the Chalice Well are all intertwined with the Glastonbury Abbey.  

I was so touched by the area that I looked for ways to share the blessings I had received which lead me to handcrafted a 108 bead empowerment Mala style necklace and Bracelet. The beads has been cleansed with Chalice Well Water from Glastonbury and were created with the intention of empowerment!!! I'm so thrilled to be sharing these gifts with you all!!!

Heart Shaped World

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