Nebraska Grateful

For this week, I feel its very fitting to focus on gratitude.  This practice may cause you to be vulnerable, which I'm grateful for but I know vulnerability can lead to fear. I also know, that the more we practice gratefulness AND vulnerability the less scary it becomes and the more pleasurable it will be. If you add this simple practice to your daily life I KNOW that your fear will be replaced with love. 

Challenge for this week: Add the 3 Grateful to your daily life. Either ask your family at dinner, friends over drinks or message me on this blog but share the 3 things you are grateful for each day. Do this all week long, month long, or add to your daily practice to see if you feel your heart swell.

My homestate of Nebraska is badass! I am grateful for being from such an amazing place. Yes, it's cold in the winter, far from the coasts and innovation is just taking hold BUT there is room to grow, every place in the world is just a plane ride away and there are a LEAST 2 weeks a year of the most amazing weather!!! Good 'ol Nebraska.

Grateful #1

Wilderness Park: As a kid, I spent time wandering through her endless prairie flower and tree covered trails. As an adult, I sped through her flowing root covered single track. I'm grateful that I have had the privilege to experience all her beautiful gifts and hope to pass this on to the next generation. 

Grateful #2

Goldenrod Pastries: I'm gluten free AND dairy free which put a damper on my sweet tooth but thanks to Goldenrod Pastries my dentist is back in business!! I'm in love with these delicious works of art and the clever branding of this local gem. 

Grateful #3

A Novel Idea: I have spent HOURS getting lost in this quant local iconic shop, thumbing through sci-fi, new age, adventure, history and every sort of book. Last holiday season I wanted to learn more about living/surviving off the land. I just happened to walk past A Novel Idea and 5 minutes after stopping in for a quick peek I found a book on surviving in North America!!! Yes, I've said this before, I'm a sucker for used bookstores but this place, along with their kitty cats, warms my heart! I am beyond grateful for this epic staple in downtown Lincoln that I have spent most of my life wandering joyously throughout. 

Order your Empowerment Beads by Dec 10th for Holiday Delivery!!!


I recently returned from the UK. Since my Spiritual awakening I have been in tune with positive-empowering energy and was led to Glastonbury, England  History, Legend, and Myths of King Arthur, the Isle of Avalon, Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and the Chalice Well are all intertwined with the Glastonbury Abbey.  

I was so touched by the area that I looked for ways to share the blessings I had received which lead me to handcrafted a 108 bead empowerment Mala style necklace and Bracelet. The beads has been cleansed with Chalice Well Water from Glastonbury and were created with the intention of empowerment!!! I'm so thrilled to be sharing these gifts with you all!!!

Heart Shaped World

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