Grateful World

For this week, I feel its very fitting to focus on gratitude.  This practice may cause you to be vulnerable, which I'm grateful for but I know vulnerability can lead to fear. I also know, that the more we practice gratefulness AND vulnerability the less scary it becomes and the more pleasurable it will be. If you add this simple practice to your daily life I KNOW that your fear will be replaced with love. 

Challenge for this week: Add the 3 Grateful to your daily life. Either ask your family at dinner, friends over drinks or message me on this blog but share the 3 things you are grateful for each day. Do this all week long, month long, or add to your daily practice to see if you feel your heart swell.

I'm grateful that the world has a voice. That no matter the outcome people speak up or share their stories of their beliefs, of equality, love, life, the environment, adventure and why we are here in the first place. 

Grateful #1

Bold Nebraska is a network of small but mighty groups protecting land and water. Best known for their work to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. I'm grateful that Bold Nebraska is using their voice to help protect the unique Nebraska land and water. 

Grateful #2

The Gender Fair Mark informs consumers which companies demonstrate a real and substantial commitment to women’s equality as employees, consumers, and citizens. Check out the link for more details and to take the Gender Fair pledge! There is even an app to help you navigate which companies are doing their part and how they are gender fair.

Rating example:

Apple Incorporated Rated A for having women in leadership, disclosing leave policies and financial support for women in tech. 

T-Mobile Rated B for groundbreaking childcare subsidy of $200 monthly. Leadership group says, "Women's issues are everybody's issues." Labor Relations Board ordered change of confidentially policy after sexual harassment complaint. 

Elizabeth Arden Rated C primarily because it has no programs for women employees, neutral advertising and low levels of women's participation on the board. Controversy over ad with tagline "Beautiful gives her daughter something to look forward to."

Grateful #3

She-Explores is a website for Inquisitive Women in the Outdoors, on the Road, and Besides. Creator Gale Straub does such an amazing job of sharing others women's stories of adventure, sharing road/travel tips, showing art and photography and so much more about outdoor life. I'm grateful that other women are out exploring the world, bringing empowerment to others and bringing together community!!! 

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Heart Shaped World

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