Sahasrara The Crown Chakra

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  • Location: Crown of Head
  • Element: Thought
  • Central Issue: Belief System, Transcendence, Higher Power, Union, Vision
  • Goal: Awakening, Understanding, Enlightenment
  • Right: To Know
  • Demon: Attachment
  • Stones: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Diamond
  • Color: Violet

Challenging our thoughts and beliefs is a healthy way to open our minds. Looking at something in a new light gives us more insight. Neither is wrong, nor right. The point is to shine the light onto something so that you get to really know it, from all angles. Traveling has given me the opportunity to not only see life, cultures, geography, philosophy (and much much more) in a new way but I also see myself differently. With an open mind you are able to become aware of the differences in the world and not be afraid of them. Embrace them instead of exile them. Join in harmony instead of hate.

Here are a few mediation exercises you can do to help open this transcending chakra to see things in a new way of wisdom. 


What a perfect way to let go, get in tune with yourself and the world around you than through mediation. There are all sorts of ways to mediate. Pick one, try it out and see how it works for you. If you aren't really into one, try the other. Enjoy exploring what works best for you!

Observing the breath

In this form of meditation you simply watch your breath go in and out of your body smoothly and evenly. If your mind wanders, you simply bring it back to your breath. Some people like to count as the breath goes in and out, making sure that it is even in both directions, or sometimes longer on the exhalation, which promotes relaxation.

Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation uses the inner repetition of a sound or phrase whose vibration is designed to wake up a facet of consciousness. You simply repeat the mantra over and over in your mind. Mantra meditation is one of the chief techniques of Transcendental Meditation.

Focusing on an image

Whereas a mantra is a sound, a yantra is an image. It might be an image of a deity, a teacher, a color, or a chakra symbol, but whatever it is, it keeps the mind focused.

Observing the sensations of the body

In normal waking consciousness, we often ignore our body’s sensations. Yet the body, as the unconscious mind, may contain important messages. Focusing on its sensations allows them to be completed, eventually freeing the mind to frolic in the emptiness.

Listening intently to music

We listen to music all the time, but to really listen to a piece without doing anything else at all is a meditation in and of itself.

Watching movements in nature, such as fire, water, or clouds

Sitting by the sea and silently watching the waves crash upon the shore, sitting by a fire and watching the flames dance, or lying on your back staring at the clouds are all ways to meditate in nature. These natural rhythms tend to be hypnotic, allowing the mind to go deeper.

Walking in nature

There are also walking meditations, where you take each step slowly and deliberately, truly noticing all that is around you. To be silent in nature is to feel the wind and sunshine on your back, to hear the birds and crickets, smell the flowers, and touch the essence of the Divine.


Here are some great affirmations to tell yourself as well or to think about during meditation or during the exercises. To add little bits of this chakra to your life wear the color violet, wear stones that represent the crown chakra or add either Cedarwood, Frankincense, or Jasmine Oils to a warm bath. 

  • Divinity resides within.
  • I am open to new ideas.
  • Information I need comes to me.  
  • The world is my teacher.
  • I am guided by higher power.
  • I am guided by inner wisdom.




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