Ajna Third Eye Chakra

  • Location: Forehead, Brow, Third Eye
  • Element: Light
  • Central Issue: Nightmares, Headaches, Learning Difficulties, Hallucinations, Problems Concentrating 
  • Goal: Pattern Recognition, Intuition, Wisdom, Vision
  • Right: To See
  • Demon: Illusion 
  • Stones: Labradorite, Amethyst
  • Color: Indigo

Trust in your Gut

The world we live in seems to be based around thought. We trust our mind or what we think is logical. The illusion our mind puts out is not in sync with our hearts. How many times have you heard someone ask 'how do you really feel, deep down in your gut?' So, how do you feel about life, love, your career, etc. deep down in your gut? Let's find out. Find a quiet spot, your mediation area or the equivalent. Sit comfortably, closing your eyes. Clear your mind, letting the thoughts that arise drift in and out of your subconscious. Don't force them out, let them easily float away. Relax, breath and ask yourself the question you are struggling with. 

'Am I happy at my job?'

'Is it time to take that vacation I have always wanted to take?'

'What would bring me happiness?'

'What do I want for my future?'

After you ask your question, be aware of your body. How does it feel? Do you tense at the answer? Does it feel good in your gut??? By being aware of how your body feels make you more aware of the answer but don't obsess. If you're still not sure, let it go and come back to it later or another day. It's important to just let the answer arise from within you. It's even more important to TRUST in it! You know what you want and what you need, no matter what others say or advise. 

Dream Works

Dreams are the gateway to connecting the conscious with the subconscious. It's the place where you begin to believe in your visions, your insights, your intuitions. Some people say they don't dream but we ALL dream, some may not remember them. Here are some tips to help remember and look into your dreams which gives you guidance or insight in life.

  • Before going to bed, tell yourself you will remember your dreams when you wake.
  • Keep a journal by your bed and when you wake up write down your dream but try to stay in the position or go back to the position you were sleeping in. This helps you remember your dream.
  • When journaling about your dream write what you felt, colors you may have seen, symbols, etc. Even add drawings to your journal. Bring your dreams alive onto the page!
  • Think about your dreams, what do certain symbols mean to you? Dream books aren't necessary to interpret your dreams. A symbol or color or event may mean something different to you then me.  Trust in what you feel about a symbol or event. 
  • Have fun looking into your dreams but remember things translate differently from the dream world to this one. I once dreamt that I was with my mom and I was driving us to Mars. About six months later, I found myself driving with my mom we were listened to Ben Harpers album 'Live at Mars'. Even though my dream came true and we were driving to Mars, it was not to the planet, which I had envisioned or interrupted in my dream. And don't under estimate your dreams, you never know what possibilities may come from them!


impossible possible

A few years back, at the end of my daily mediation I began to focus my intention on visualizing making 3 impossible things possible. I'd see these possibilities, how ever absurd they might be, clear in my mind. I could touch them, feel them and I began to believe in them. Try it. Find your mediation spot, sit comfortably, close your eyes, letting your thoughts drift in and out of your mind begin to envision 3 impossible things:

  • Paying off your morgage
  • What your life would look like if money wasn't a factor?
  • Becoming an adventurer 
  • Envision yourself as the person you idolize or look up to.
  • See yourself winner the bike race you're training for.
  • Envision the world as a happy, flowing, healthy place!

When we start to envision and see the things that we have always 'thought' were impossible we begin to see that with just a little shift in intention, anything is possible, even the impossible. 

One of my superheros is Bill Stickland, check out his amazing and inspiring book "Making the Impossible Possible". One man's crusade to inspire others to dream bigger and achieve the extraordinary. 

bill strickland.jpg


Here are some great affirmations to tell yourself as well or to think about during meditation or during the chakra exercises. To add little bits of this chakra to your life wear the color indigo, wear stones that represent the third eye chakra or add either Angelica Root, Rosemary, or Sandalwood essential oils to a warm bath. 

  • I see all things in clarity.
  • I am open to the wisdom within. 
  • I can manifest my vision.   
  • I am intuitive.
  • I trust in my intuition.
  • I see my path clearly unfold in front of me. 




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