Vishuddha Throat Chakra

  • Location: Neck, Shoulders, Jaw
  • Element: Sound
  • Central Issue: Communication, Creativity, Listening, Finding One's Own Voice
  • Goal: Good Communication, Self Expression
  • Right: To Speak and To Be Heard
  • Demon: Lies
  • Stones: Lapis, Turquoise, Aquamarine
  • Color: Blue

This spring I had the opportunity to speak at the annual SNAG (Society for North American Goldsmiths) Conference which took place in New Orleans. I was honored by this but found myself in complete terror. Speaking isn't what freaked me out, being around people was. I had spent the last few months alone in the desert healing. I had transformed into a different person who no longer stayed up to all hours of the night drinking my way through the city streets. I still wasn't comfortable in my new skin and found comfort in solitude. 

I knew I couldn't hide in the desert forever, even if I really wanted to. I had to get out and get back to life. Once I arrived at the conference, I tried to be my old self. An hour in, I needed a break. Grateful that the hotel was on the footsteps of the French Quarter, I put in my earphones and took to the streets. Wandering around, I came upon an old used bookstore. I have a LOVE for used booked stores thanks to my father how took my brother and myself to Antiquarium in Omaha throughout our childhood.

Trying to reenact the blissful exploration from the past, I entered the shop. The owner magically appearing from the towering shelves to greet me and we chatted. He asked where I was from and what I did. We talked vanlife, jewelry, Joshua Tree desert and mountain biking. The owner mentioned that he had lived in Santa Cruz, CA for years and talked about a trail he thought I'd love. I became full of excitement and I shook my head at the end of every sentence, of every word, of every breath that left the owners lips. 

"Do you know the trail I'm talking about?" The owner asked.

In my head, I instantly knew I didn't but I was afraid to say no. I felt we were connecting and I thought if I said no there would be a disconnect. If I said yes, would he really know that I wasn't telling the truth, it would be worth the little white lie to keep the connection.

"Oh, yeah," I said agreeing.

Then BAM! Disconnect!!! Without words, without the owner's awareness he send the energy of "you are so full of shit". He knew I was lying. He was unaware that I saw this or felt the instant disconnect, which was the one thing I was trying so hard to avoid in the first place. This happened all because I wasn't honest or authentic with him.

As I paid for my books, we said our personable goodbyes and stepping back into the street I decided that from this point forward I would be authentic, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, I never wanted to feel that kind of energy again. 

I have a tattoo on my wrist reminding me the importance of truth AND love. Sometimes it's hard to be truthful but this does NOT mean it has to be hurtful. It's so important to use your love and balance from the heart chakra to have better communication. Don't forget about listening. 90% of communication is listening, crazy right. Here's an exercise I do a LOT, maybe it can help you. 

Truth Love

If you are upset with someone, write down in your journal all your thoughts and feelings. Be authentic, be honest. There might be some hurtful things you write, which is ok. Your journal is a safe place, with no judgment and for your eyes only. Feels good getting these things off your chest, right? Now look at what the issue is, not the negative, the root of the problem and how can you communicate that with the person you are upset with?

You might have written down: That dick left his dishes in the sink for me to do. WTF! Am I suppose to be barefoot and pregnant, waiting on him. Does he even care about my careers? About me?? If I'm late to work because I'm doing his shit for him. DICK!

Do you really want to communicate by attacking??? This might be a bit better way of voicing your hurt and gives the other person an opportunity to really hear what you are saying. 

I'm upset that you left the dishes in the sink. I felt you assumed I'd take care of them for you, which would make me late for work. This makes me feel that my time is less important than yours. 


Here are some great affirmations to tell yourself as well or to think about during meditation or during the throat chakra exercises. To add little bits of the throat chakra to your life wear the color blue, wear stones that represent the throat chakra or add either Rose, Melissa, or Neroli Oils to a warm bath. 

  • I speak and hear the truth.
  • I express myself with true intent.
  • Creativity flows in and through me.   
  • My voice is necessary. 
  • I communicate my feelings with ease.
  • I know when it's time to listen.




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