Anahata Heart Chakra



  • Location: Chest, Heart
  • Element: Air
  • Central Issue: Love, Balance, Intimacy, Self Love, Reaching Out and Taking In
  • Goal: Balance
  • Right: To Love and To Be Loved
  • Demon: Grief
  • Stones: Jade, Ruby
  • Color: Green

Love. Oh what a beautiful thing. All you need is love. Love makes the world go round. With our love, we could save the world. Let's just love one another. But is it really that easy? Is it easy to just love? What is love, really? 

I, like most of us, struggled with relationships. They're hard, taking time and efforts that I didn't always have or want to do. I found myself just blowing people off or kicking people out of my life. Or I'd just wait til they kicked me out. Not very healthy. Part of me took to road life to run away from these failed relationships of the past. I 'thought' that once I was alone I'd be free, free from the burdens of the heart.

Wow, was I off!!! Traveling, I was away from every relationship in my life: parents, siblings, family, friends, colleagues, former lovers but there was one person I couldn't get away from, ME. I was forced to start taking care of myself and in turn, I had to start loving myself. Which, I gotta say, I thought I loved myself. In all actuality, I was just merely tolerate of my own existence. 

When I started to take time every morning to write in my journal, do some yoga, do a bit of mediation I began to feel better. I started to appreciate my self, my time and in turn, I started to appreciate others and their space, their time. Becoming at ease allowed me to become centered, balanced. With the focus on healing my heart chakra, I began to see hearts....EVERYWHERE. (check out blog post 'Crazy on You' for more heart sighting info) 

The road also forced me to communicate with my family and friends. I messaged them almost every day to let them know where I was and that I was safe. I relied on them for emotional support especially when I'd call them up, crying my eyes out in total confusion of WHAT THE HELL I was doing, which happened a LOT!!! They gave me financial support as well. I learned how to open up my heart, let them in and really connect with them. This was difficult but worth it. I am very grateful. 

But one missing element was a romantic relationship. That was one thing the road did not give me BUT it did give me the tools I needed which helped me heal so that when I found a partner I was able to step in with an open heart. I did an exercise, writing down every aspect that I wanted to have in a partner. It was so detailed that I could almost see this person! During a mediation, I envisioned my ideal partner then let him go with the intention that he would find me, letting the universe do its thing. 

I'm stoked to say that person is now in my life. We didn't meet in a bar or online, I didn't want to meet him either place! I asked that my partner not use drugs or alcohol, to be trustworthy, loyal, kind, independent, loving, that when we walk into a room full of people we are the only two that exist and much much more. And guess what??? I got just what I asked for!!! (BTW, we're getting married this spring.) Our relationship still takes a LOT of work but it's based in love for ourselves and each other, which makes anything possible. 

This was an amazing gift from the road but it doesn't take road or van life to achieve it. Anyone and everyone is capable of finding balance and love. Here are a few exercises to bring balance to your heart.

Opening the Heart

During meditation, I visualize my heart opening, literally! With each deep breath, I let love into my heart, knowing that I AM deserving of love and with the exhalation, I let go of doubt, stress, fear, succumbing to the breath and to love. The element of the fourth chakra is air which makes the breath a great opener of the heart.  

Give and Give

Ya know it feels soooooo good to give to others, right? But we don't always think about giving to ourselves, that's selfish?? NO! Self care is BEYOND important and brings balance. For this exercise, do something nice for someone else with no attachments. Like opening the door for someone, letting someone go in front of you at the market, buying the person in line behind you a cup of coffee, or scooping your neighbor's snow covered sidewalk. For each good act you do for someone else, do something for yourself. Add some essential oils to your hot bath, indulge in your favorite book, take 10 minutes for yourself to do WHATEVER you want, get that massage you've been putting off, watch your favorite movie, take a walk in your favorite park. Most importantly enjoy these moments, for yourself and others, with an open heart. 

In the spirit of love, here is a new video by Amanda Palmer that's dripping with the importance of what a little love can do!!!


Here are some great affirmations to tell yourself as well or to think about during meditation or during these balancing heart exercises. To add little bits of the heart chakra to your life wear the color green, wear stones that represent the heart chakra or add either Rose, Melissa, or Neroli Oils to a warm bath. 

  • I am worthy of love. 
  • I am loving to myself and others.
  • There is an infinite supply of love.  
  • I live in balance with others.
  • I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • I am at peace.




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