Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra



  • Location: Solar Plexus
  • Element: Fire
  • Central Issue: Energy, Activity, Will, Self-Esteem, Individuation 
  • Goal: Transformation
  • Right: To Act and Be An Individual 
  • Demon: Shame
  • Stones: Citrine, Moonstone 
  • Color: Yellow

Finding our own empowerment takes time. It takes confidence, self-discipline, assertiveness, and courage. I have spent so much of my life either smothering my inner fire or making it wildy rage out of control. Thinking we were supposed to have drive, stand up for ourselves, make something of ourselves, have control over everything, be SUPERwoman. RIGHT?!?! Man, that's exhausting. I found that when I put on my Powerhouse panties I bulldozed everything in my way. When I failed in my attempt of "self-assertion" I was left feeling a sense of shame. Then I'd find myself feeling like a victim, weak-willed, and full of self-doubt. Sound familiar? There are also the many pressures we put on ourselves in the world. And then there are the many pressures we allow others to put upon us. I say it's bout freaking time to let that go to find balance.

Here are two exercises I still work on to help balance this chakra which brings me balance and peace.

To Do or Not To Do

I HAVE to make a 'to do' list. I was raised by a mother who drilled this important and very useful task of putting your thoughts onto paper. Getting the things you want to accomplish out of your head lightens the minds load. But I gotta say the word 'to do' instantly brings anxiety to me, making the fire rage. I began to look at my 'to do' list as 'Wanna Do' list instead. By looking at these items as things I wanna do and have the privilege of accomplishing that day, week, year or years brought newfound empowerment and really just began to bring ease to my day. Next time you make a list try looking at it this way and head this list with WANNA instead of TO!


The Powers That Be

If you have a friend who can help you with this exercise that's awesome, if not, use a wall or tree or something with some substance. Face your partner or the wall and put your palms either against the wall or against your partner. Ground your feet into the earth and connect your core.  Slightly push against your partner's hands or against the wall from your solar plexus. Push a bit more, put your power into it but keep aligned. Start to feel your power as your partner pushes back, hold your own but don't be aggressive be assertive. Look your partner in the eye. Feel their power. Once finished feel the power within your solar plexus and either write down your thoughts or talk with your partner. 


Here are some great affirmations to tell yourself as well or to think about during meditation or during exercises for the third chakra. To add a little bit more confidence with you, try wearing the color yellow, wear stones that represent the solar plexus chakra (Empowerment Beads would work great!) or use either Clary Sage, Juniper, or Geranium Oils to scent a room or put in a warm bath.

  • I am strong and courageous. 
  • I honor the power within me.
  • I am authentic.  
  • I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly.
  • The fire within me burns through all blocks and fears.
  • I can do whatever I will to do. 




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