Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra

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  • Location: Abdomen, Genitals, Lower Back, Hips
  • Element: Water
  • Central Issue: Movement, Desire, Emotions, Sexuality
  • Goal: Fluidity, Feeling, Pleasure, Healthy Sexuality
  • Right: To Feel and To Have Pleasure
  • Demon: Guilt
  • Stones: Carnelian, Adventurine, Tiger's Eye
  • Color: Orange

Transitioning from a 'normal' life to road life I found myself diving deep into emotions. Okay, maybe not really deep, more like I was overcome with any and every emotion possible!!! This freaked me out because I thought I was out of control. I felt the road was taking me over but I realized there is a reason we have emotions, they give us guidance. But for some reason we are raised to suppress these feelings. To not show emotions. How many times have you been told:

Don't get angry!

Girls are so emotional, crying all the time.

You're a whore if you have and espeically if you enjoy sex.

You're so sensitive. 

These comments always drove me crazy. We are raised in a society that calls us weak or emotional for crying. That it's not healthy to get angry, to feel guilty about having sex, to hid what we feel. Why? We are humans and have this amazing ability to FEEL emotions and express them. I think, suppressing emotions takes away the beautiful technicolor of life! It wasn't until I started to really look at the flooding emotions that the road opened up for me that I saw I was pushing mine back. I began to see what a gift it is to find what makes you happy, what makes you sad, what brings you pleasure, what brings you desires, what makes you feel ALIVE!!! 

Water is the element of the second chakra. To help balance and heal my blocked chakra I wrote a list of things that made me feel guilty. Things from the past, thoughts I've had, things I like to do, creating my guilty pleasure list. I then asked myself "why do these things make me feel guilty?" 

Taking afternoon hikes through the desert with India??

Why did this make me feel guilty? Because I was supposed to be working, not playing. I was raised to work hard and if I didn't just go, go, go, do, do, do then I would fail. But why can't I take a break to enjoy nature? What am I working for if I never have fun? If I'm not enjoying life, what's the point? Were we really put on this earth to make money, just to pay bills or buy material possessions and then die??? Man, I hope not! I get that we have to work, that we do need money but is that our life's purpose? Or are we put here to LIVE! Get outside and connect with nature, connect with the world! Do what fills us up with passion, fills us up with happiness, fills us up with dreams, with desires! 

Another great exercise I did that will take you completely out of your comfort zone, well, it did me, is a movement or flow exercise. I put on earphones with some fav tunes, stood outside my van barefoot in the desert on my yoga mat then closed my eyes. As the music played I let my body go, moving to the music. Ignoring the wondering eyes of the fellow primitive campers, I let GO!!!! At first, I was self conscious but after some time I become unaware of anyone or anything. This exercise brought me so much freedom. I felt free to enjoy, be a bit weird and bring movement back to my stiff body. You can do this ANYWHERE, no need for the desert, a yoga mat or even music (but it helps). Go in the bathroom of your apartment, hotel room, airplane (tight fit, I know) or walk, bike, drive to your favorite park and dive into the FLOW!


Here are some great affirmations to tell yourself as well or to think about during meditation or during the flow exercise. To add little bits of the sacral charka to your life, try wearing the color orange, wear stones that represent the sacral chakra or use either Sandalwood, Jasmine, Champaca or Rose Oils.

  •  I deserve pleasure in my life.
  •  I absorb information from my feelings.
  •  I embrace and celebrate my sexuality.
  •  I move easily and effortlessly. 
  •  Life is pleasurable.  
  •  I feel therefore I create. 
  •  I am passionate.
  •  I have healthy boundaries.
  •  I value and respect my body.




Mercier, Patricia 2007 'The Chakra Bible'

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