Wheels of Energy

This week I'll be focusing on our energy wheels throughout our bodies, also known as Chakras. So much of us have blocked energy in each of our 7 Chakras, learning about each chakra along with learning how to unblock them can lead to better health and happiness! These can be done anytime, especially while traveling. I spent a couple months in the desert last spring working on my chakras which helped me heal my past, embrace my present and open my mind to the future. 

Muladhara Root Chakra 

  • Location: Base of the Spine
  • Element: Earth
  • Central Issue: Survival
  • Goal: Stability, Grounding, Physical Health, Prosperity, Trust
  • Right: To Be Here, To Have 
  • Demon: Fear
  • Stones: Red Jasper, Ruby, Garnet, Black Tourmaline
  • Color: Red

Regardless if I'm traveling or staying put for a bit, the root chakra is something I am constantly working on to help keep me grounded. Life seems to create some pretty big obstacles and I have the tendency to live in my head. I create all sorts of alternate universes and road blocks which can be full of the inner critic or naysayer.  This dark fearful realm can became overwhelming, even crippling. When this happens, I find myself asking questions of doubt, like: 

Will I have enough to eat? 

How will I make money? 

Will someone (aka Zombie) break into the van in the middle of the night? 

Can I protect myself and India?

Am I strong enough? 

What the HELL am I doing? 

Whenever I feel overcome with fear or self-doubt, I do some grounding exercises.  I place my bare feet on the ground digging my toes into the earth. I'm not literally digging my feet into the earth, which you totally can do!!! Or you can close your eyes and envision this exercise. I do this while on a flight, standing in a crowd, at dinner, while driving, on a hike, while reading a book, anywhere and anytime I need to. It totally helps bring me back and helps my self-confidence step into the spotlight, pushing fear aside. 


Here are some great affirmations to tell yourself as well or to think about during meditation or during this grounding exercise. To add little bits of grounding you can also wear the color red, wear red accessories or even eat red foods.

  •  I am safe.
  •  I have what I need to survive. 
  •  I can take care of myself.
  •  I love my body.
  •  I am supported.
  •  I have a right to be here.
  •  I am solid.
  •  I am in here.
  •  This body is mine.


Judith, Anodea 2016 "Chakras Seven Keys to Awakening and Healing the Energy Body" 

Dakota Stones 

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