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I've been thinking about fears lately. I took a leave from blogging since I was traveling for a few weeks and went overseas. I faced a lot of fears on this trip and have had a LOT of changes in my life. The biggest change is that after two and a half years (ish) of living mobile I am now living in an apartment! I've hung up my van life keys! But this doesn't mean that I've given up on adventure. It's quite the opposite! I have big plans in the works but we'll get to that later.

Instead of writing an endless ginormous blog post to catch you up I've decided to have a little fun AND add a challenge. Starting tomorrow (nov 1st) I will be posting a daily blog post until December 1st. The focus is on, of course, "Fears, Phobias and Change : Real Life Frights!"

See ya tomorrow and Happy Halloween!

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