This is a blog post from last year. Even though its a repeat post I wanted to share it with you again. I've have a lot of friends visit me in Joshua Tree this month and I've be back to Salvation Mountain a few more times. Every time I visit I'm filled with inspiration, love and the feeling that everything will be okay. With the way the world can be at times I feel it's important to spread the message of love. Nothing speaks more true to this message than Leonard Knight. So throughout the week, weekend, month, year, remember to be kind to each other, especially to yourself. Love to you my friends and thank you once again for reading and sharing my posts with others.

I'm moved. I'm touched. I'm inspired. I'm in love. I'm grateful. I'm in ahhhh. All by one man's life's work. A man that heard a message and had to create. He had nothing, yet everything. He spent over 3 decades painting and sculpting every day. He lived his vision, his dream. I had the amazing opportunity to visit Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain which has changed my view on art, life and giving.

"I see it" I cried. There it was, standing tall in the distance in all it's glory with the sun's rays shining atop the white cross. I was so excited, actually, damn giddy!! As we drove up my brother, Aaron, told me of the time he helped Leonard for a day about 10 years ago.

Aaron and his college buddy were visiting the Salton Sea and the locals told them about this man's passion for spreading the word of God through creating a mountain out of hay bales and buckets of paint. They were intrigued and had to see this for themselves.

From the moment they met Leonard he was welcoming, full of love and life. He even put Aaron to work, helping him drill a hole in the dome that criss crossed with trees, paint, hay and car windows. He would spend the day helping Leonard with other odd and ins around the mountain. Aaron became inspired by this man who had no material wealth, lived secluded in the desert in his car with no electricity, running water and few possessions yet he was giving, grateful and amazingly passionate about his work. 

As we walked around, roaming through passages and walking up the "yellow brick road" Aaron continued his story. We were reliving his moment in time with Leonard and you could feel his energy all around, he was with us. I felt that at any moment Leonard would pop his head up while climbing his paint covered ladder full of delight at giving us another task to help with his creation. Leonard's message continues to live, even after he has left this world. You can feel him in every drip of paint, in every flower and in every message of love.

Once we reached the top of the mountain we looked out. There we both stood, peacefully taking it all in. As we watched the suns final set, the warmth of the glowing sky left us feeling full of love for a man and his one salvation. 

Aaron and Leonard 

Aaron and Leonard 

Here's a great video on Leonard. Please check it out and if you are ever in Southern California you must check out Salvation Mountain. Thanks for reading.

And if you know any artist similar to Leonard please let me know, I'd love to visit them. Thank you!


Like my travels, along many other artists and people, I/we follow my vision on passion alone, not money. So at times I/we rely on others for support. To help preserve Salvation Mountain think about donating. But as Leonard would say donate "only if it comes from the heart." Wow, what a man!

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CALL FOR ARTISTS: Deadline Is Next Week!

Photo I took while camping at Joshua Tree National Park, the location for the "Get Lost, Do Art" Case of the Nomads Residency

Photo I took while camping at Joshua Tree National Park, the location for the "Get Lost, Do Art" Case of the Nomads Residency

I'm excited to announce that the selected artist in resident will have an online exhibition with Crafthaus of their work created during the residency.

Residency Details:
7 Day Art Residency with nomadic artist Casey Sheppard
at Joshua Tree National Park, CA, followed by a Crafthaus Online Exhibition of the work that was created during the residency.
DEADLINE: 01/25/2017

Apply HERE



Halstead Bead Co Prescott, AZ  Feb 2017

Touchstone Center for Crafts Farmington, PA August 25-28th 2017

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SSAZ & 24 HOP AZ Feb 2017


SNAG Conference New Orleans, LA May 2017

Calls for Entry

Adorned Spaces
Deadline: Feb 14th

The 2017 SNAG conference is seeking curators, organizations, schools, and individuals to offer a fresh look at the field of contemporary metalsmithing through a multiple-exhibition event called Adorned Spaces. This juried event will highlight both established and emerging artists to celebrate the innovation of metalsmithing that “Connects Ideas.”


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