A perfect sound box in the middle of the high desert based off a mathematical equation from aliens to bring the human race back together. We’re the jerks in the universe and the Integratron was a gift from above that would help us love one another again, rejuvenate our race and then work as a transport. The catch? George Van Tassel won’t life long enough to finish his vision. The story goes that George had an alien encounter at Giant Rock in southern California. During this experience he was given the blue prints for a structure and had telepathic ability with an alien for further assistance. Located in Landers, CA (about 20 minutes from Joshua Tree) my brother and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check this place out.

 We reserved the first available spots, which were about 2 weeks out, paid $50 for the two of us and waited eagerly for the time to pass. Once the day arrived we blazed through the arid dirt roads of the desert and followed a few hand made signs until we saw a white bubble in the far off distance. After parking we checked in and snooped through the gift shop until we were called to line up outside the Integratron.

As we walked into the all-wooden structure we were told to take off our shoes and one by one walk up a very narrow ladder of stairs to the main room. I had no words, as my breath was completely taken away by the stunning grandeur of the room.  Exploring this space was exciting and strange.

There were beds on the ground with woven blankets, a little shrine of gratitude and about a dozen crystal bowls.  Our guide, who would also be playing the bowls, told us to lie down, relax, let go to enjoy. We took our spots, got all comfy and after a little insight and history about the Integratron things were about to start. We were told not to cough, sneeze, snore or talk. Since we were in a perfect sound box we would be bothering someone across the room without even knowing it.  I closed my eyes, snuggled in and let go. As the sounds vibrated throughout the room I could feel the strength and power behind each tone. It felt as if I was being wrapped in a warm blanket of energy that pushed and pulled me all over the walls, floor and ceiling though I never moved. This lasted for 25 blissful minutes followed by soft music, which helped to slowly awaken the room.  As I opened my eyes I found myself free from the worries of the world, totally centered and ever so grateful for this experience and even more so for sharing it with my brother. It was one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ moments and I was exactly where I needed to be. 

Travel Around The World

Art Jewelry Forum send out a fun email today with jewelry studios around the world. I'm excited to see my old studio in Los Angeles is featured along with some friends (Sydney Lynch). Check it out.

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"Integratron" series is another limited edition series. There are 5 available: 2 Belt Buckles and 3 Prints. The prints have a stand riveted to the back so you can place it on a book case, shelf, office, flying saucer, etc. Like all my limited edition series, once they are gone, they are gone. 

$95/each with Free Shipping



First person to purchase from the "Integratron" series will receive  my very first sterling silver printed pendant "Close Encounter" with their order. There is 1 of 1 series. Yes, that means just 1.

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Flux Metal Arts

Wanna know my new process??? Then join me for a workshop "Metal Print Making" at Flux Metal Arts on September 10th. I look forward to hanging out with y'all soon. 

I'm gonna leave you with a great interview with George Van Tassel himself. Enjoy, thanks for reading and happy sighting.