I am a pretty die hard Goonies fan. And why not, right? I'm from the era, I love pirate ships, the truffle shuffle and an adventure. So when I was camping near the coast of Oregon and heard that you could actually visit the Goonies house I knew I MUST see this for my self. 

Here it is!!! Pretty ordinary, huh. The signs leading up to the house were way cooler than the house itself. I'm glad I stopped but nothing super rad. BUT, the rest of the Oregon coast totally made up for it. I learned a lot about the lay of the land. Unlike the movie, the Haystack rock formations were not just a bike ride away from Astoria. Well, maybe a long ass ride for us experienced long distance riders. No matter, I drove.


That's more like it! The Haystacks were worth the difficult parking, long walk to the beach and tourists.  

I was so taken by there rocky beasts that they inspired this weeks Limited Edition Series. Speaking of....this is a great time to interrup this weeks newsletter with a new featured shop item.

Featured Shop Item 

"Goonies Never Say Die" Pendant and Earrings are now available. 

Pendant : 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" Copper (4 in series)  $35 w/Free Shipping

Earrings : 1" x 1 3/4" Copper/Sterling (7 in series) $42 w/Free Shipping


Now back to Oregon......

We camped for a few days at the Saddle Mountain State Park, which is a tent site only camp. As I tried to pitch my Big Agnes tent India kept trying to make her way into some sort of cover, she, and I, were being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Once we found refuge in the safety of our shelter India quickly fell into a peaceful slumber of doggie dreams and snoring while I worked. 

In an attempt to explore and hopefully escape the bloodsucking demons, India and I hiked the Saddle Mountain Summit Trail. It was a steep 5ish mile hike full of breathtaking scenic views and lusciously juicy wild huckleberries. 

We would spend the next week exploring a ship wreck, Lewis & Clark National Park and Astoria where I found the perfect bookstore and stumbled upon an art festival. I've decided if I ever get the opportunity to take time off to write a book I'd like to write while staying on the north coast of Oregon. I'm pretty smitten and can't wait to go back!

I'm leaving you with a nice flash back to the Goonies accompanied by the amazingly strange and fantastic Cyndi Lauper. Thanks again for reading and have a great week!