Have you ever wondered what if?? Okay….I knew we all have, right?! But what if those “what ifs” were experiences or dreams that we were too afraid to do. What if it was too late? What if it wasn’t? And what would happen if we started to live those desires, wants, dreams right now? What if we pushed outta the comfort zone and started doing things that would finally make us into the person we’ve wondered we could be. The person we think we want to be? I know I did. That’s part of the reason for this road trip. I always longed to be a strong amazing woman instead of this tall awkward girl.
Now I live an adventurous life. I get outta my comfort zone. Doing the things that I thought would make me the person I longed to be. I meet strangers everyday. Teach. Learn. Laugh. Cry. Become inspired. Influenced. Daring. So am I a changed person…..well….yes. But am I a different person? I gotta say no.

I have the same insecurities, doubts, concerns and longings but what’s changed is that I know embrace them all. I realize that these are the things that make me….well…me. I like that I can be shy. I enjoy wearing all black most of the time and I also enjoy wearing hot pink (some of the times). I luv being a punk. I luv being a  hippy. I’m cool with the fact that I’m afraid of the dark, that I get scared. That I totally rock out to Bruce Hornsby. That I don’t like to shower. That I can watch Little Women, Frozen and Medicine Man over and over again. That I like to dress like a boy. That I also like to dress like a girl. I luv riding my bike, playing in the dirt and pretending to be Evel Knievel. That I don’t know where I’m going most days. How I’ll make money. Who I’ll meet. That I don’t have the answers. That the road is my home. And finally I now love my tall and awkward self who has been a beautiful strong woman all along. 

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Grown Wild Earrings   

$165.00 Plus Free Shipping

I like things raw. I like things rustic. I like things wild. Grown Wild embraces my vision of creating simple yet distinct wearable art. The rusted metal sewn to leather was found while riding my bike in Joshua Tree California. I created the omega clip out of sterling silver to help balance the largeness of these earrings. They weigh about 20 grams which is totally do able for the stiletto wearing fashionistas or badasses in the world. Like most of my work, these earrings are one of a kind. 

Materials : Leather, Found Rusted Metal, Black Coat Thread, Sterling Silver

Measures : 17" Long (with threads) 3" Long (thread excluded from measurement) x 2 1/4" Wide x 1 1/2" Deep

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