Texas. It's big, vast and everything in Texas is......well....Texas sized. The land. The Hats. The Cars. The Steaks. Even the ice cubes!

San Antonio wasn't on my list to visit, just UNT in the north (my post about UNT will be out sometime soon) but life on the road is lovely unpredictable and opens doors that you didn't even know existed. So this last minute stop worked out perfectly. OOOOhhhh.....but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Before we venture into my Alamo raiding, material exploring, heart expanding visit let's recap about the pre-recap, shall we.

Early this year a good friend and mentor reached out to me about this like-minded amazing spirit who is riding her bike solo fueled by generosity. She travels without set plans, money or places to stay. She leaves it up to the universe. She's also an Estonian badass who is the voice for orphans and I gotta say she's a voice for us all. Her name is Elza. I, of course, reached out to Elza, thanking her for being so amazing, inspiring and brave. After a few back and forth connecting emails we found that we just happened to be within an hour of each other at the same time. Again, the universe coming together, brining radness together. HELLz YeAH!!

Hanging out with Elza and Alice near Austin, TX

So we meet up!!! After a heartfelt greeting we exchanged stories, philosophies and really connected. We spend an hour or so talking without skipping a beat and found that we both were headed to Austin. RoadTrip!! 

Elza took me to Alice's house. She is another soul traveling sister, who welcomed me in her home with open arms and a ton of food! Man this is rad, is what I kept telling myself. I spend about a day and a half with Elza. In this short time she helped to remind me about the possibilities of letting go, believing in others and in myself. Thank you Elza, for being you!!! 

Please watch and share Elza's video, it's pretty damn amazing. 

South Bound

Bring on some more love Texas!! After leaving Elza I spent a couple days hanging with a good friend in Austin, Thank Sam for the bed, shower, laundry and luscious food truck morsels. Your are the best!!!!! Also, a shout out to Michael for the great afternoon of Indian food and conversation. To Liz for snuggling up during the rain while we caught up about life over coffee. I've missed you, lots!!! Man, Texas....keep it coming. 

Sam with her infectiously beautiful laugh!!! 

Just chilling at Jill's (photo 1).....Before getting kicked outta the Alamo(photo 2)......

My next Texas loving sized host was Jill Palone who is the metals department chair atSouthwest School of Art and all around badass lady. I stayed in Jill's drive for a few days while we explored San Antonio. India and I walked along the river, ending up at the Alamo. Which we got kicked out of!!! Guess Pee-Wee's bike isn't in the basement.

After the Alamo, we headed for BBQ. While Jill enjoyed her mac & cheese and India snarled down her bit of brisket (thanks to the ladies at the bbq place) I indulged in the most lovely frito pie!! Washing it down with a Texas sized local Cider.....ohhhh the good life!!!

The following day I met with Jill's metals class. After giving a lecture/artist talk about my travels/art/life I had the opportunity to sit in on a critique and was actually able to participate. What an experience. These students blew me away with their ability to explore, expand and push the limits of materials and thoughts on art. It was inspiring to see and made me want to play even more with other material & possibilities. Thanks ladies!!!

Student Critique at SSA

Deep Unexpected Texas Luv

I know I keep mentioning it but the road is unpredictable, which I like, mostly. There are times that I never know where I'll end up or how I'll get there. How I'll pay for gas, camping and at times, food. But it alway seems to work out. As I was getting ready to leave Texas and make my way north I did a quick budget. I didn't have enough money to get me to my next destination. But through my stress shined excitement. I was about to meet my friendLorena Angulo in person for the first time. She was teaching a workshop and I stopped by real fast to give her a hug. Money worries would have to wait.

As I walked into the studio at SSA (where Lorena was teaching) I could feel the force of Lorena's love. It was so comforting and I embraced her, taking in all her kindness. I instantly felt so much love for this amazing spirit!!!! She had told her class about my travels, praising my bravery and talent. Humbled by her kind words I walked around to explore and see what these adult students were creating. As I moved through out the room students started putting money into my pockets saying "I love what you are doing, I beleive in you and here's a bit of gas money for the road." I was stunned. 

I wanted to spend more time with Lorena, I felt so connect to her but I had to leave. Sometimes leaving is the hardest thing to do on the road. After saying goodbye and giving my thanks for all the support I headed to the bathroom. As I washed my hands I dug into my pockets laying out the wods of cash on the counter. Untangling them I found they had giving me just enough money to get me to my next destination. Holy shit. Tears started to roll down my face. I became even more stunned. Once again I was able to continue on, live my dream and connect with others because of the generosity of others. 

How can I repay them? What can I give in return??? Ah Ha!!! I ran to the van, dug out about 6 drawing I had made while traveling (I had 5 wods of cash) and took them inside. I handed the drawings to Lorena to give to the ones that so sneakily slipped the bills to me, including herself.

Driving away the tears continued. I now had proof, that when you follow your dreams the world helps support you. Sometimes it's with just a little bit of gas money other times its with Texas sized love.  

Lorena giving me her LUV!!!

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