Visit to Halstead in Prescott, AZ

Teaching at Halstead. Thanks for taking such a rad photo Mercedes!!

It was love at first sight. But how could it not be. A family owned jewelry supplier that really cares for their employees, doing good business, the community and others. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it's not, it's Halstead

When Hilary so graciously invited me out to teach a workshop at Halstead I had no idea I'd be getting into so much more. Upon my arrival on a beautiful Sunday afternoon I meet up with the Halstead-Scott family at their home in Prescott (which, yes, is pronounced by the locals Preskit), AZ. Hilary's husband Brad, a mtb racer, was ready to take me out to show me some of their many local trails. 

Riding through such diverse terrain left me breath did the 5000+ feet we were riding at.  It totally kicked my ocean level baring ass!! Which I loved. This trip was starting off right!! 

The next two days would be filled with non stop events and insight. I gave a lecture about my travels to almost the entire Halstead team, taught a pvc pipe/cold connection workshop, toured Halstead and really got to see the inner workings of this tight knit company.

Photos of the Halstead students working hard during my two day workshop.They all were eager to learn which allowed them to really capture and showcase their own style. The studio at Halstead is equipped with all the essentials and if something is needed or missing it's added. I could get use to this place!!

Almost finished cuffs by Erica, who is in marketing and Amanda, who is in Logistics. That's the super cool thing about this company, anyone in the office is able to sign up for workshops. They are actually encouraged to take time to learn, grow and benefit from visiting artists. Pretty rad. 

Allen, Yvonne, Janelle & Mercedes showing off their new badass creations!

Halstead not only focuses on jewelry supplies but they also focus on education, sharing information and helping to develop young professionals. The Halstead Grant is a grant of $7500 (along with Halstead Supplies, press, etc.) to help new jewelry designers with their jewelry line.

Halstead President Hilary Halstead Scott says, “The application answers should show a holistic approach to developing a brand and managing production to meet changing demand as the business grows.” 

Getting ready to be in the hot seat for a Halstead Jewelry Minute

The Halstead Blog is full of "How To's", "Halstead Jewelry Minutes" Videos, other insider info and business tips. 

And their catalog is full of more than just supplies. There are tips once again on business and also blips about jewelry artists along with much more.

If it wasn't enough to really get the in's and out's of Halstead, some killer business tips, great food, some drinks at The Jersey Lilly, a bike trail guide and an overnight parking spot I was also given some badass gifts from the road. The Beads of Courage might have been my favorite. was all the great friendships I made during my visit. 

Thank you Halstead for everything especially Hilary, Tom and Suzie!! 

NEW Shop Items

"Shut The Punk Up" represents my "self" evolution and perception in life and on the road. Even though I may be nicely put together I'm still just a punk at heart. Created during my visit to Brockway Center for Arts & Technology in Brockway PA. Made of felted wool, leather and hand stitched with maroon coat thread. 

Measures : 25" L x 7" W x 2" D

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