Since it's International Women's Day I'm posting another blog post! Two in one day, holy cow bells!!! This goes out to all the Women in the world, much love to ya!!!

Emily Johnson : Minneapolis MN : EC Design
Roz Savage : Windsor UK : Roz Savage Coaching
Kat Sweet : Issaquah WA : Sweetlines
Angela Paolini : Lincoln NE : Service Master

You've had one of the toughest days of your career, a complete failure, you want to quit and somehow you find yourself bellied up to a bar sulking in your sorrows over a glass of bourbon. What person in history/life would you want serendipitously sitting next to you, dead or alive? And what advice would you want from them? 

Emily Johnson : I would want my best jewelry girlfriends sitting there next to me! We support each, we know each other is awesome and strong and skilled and we will be there to remind each other of that. And we all love a good glass of bourbon.
Roz Savage : Jesus, telling me it could be a lot worse – at least nobody’s nailed me up on a cross yet. And I’d want him to advise me to buy another glass of bourbon. Or maybe even buy a round himself.
Kat Sweet : Shane McConkey! I was lucky enough to know him a little and get to ski with him. Not only was he one of the best skiers in the world, he was also a creator and innovator who was always smiling and making people laugh while he changed the world of skiing. I’d love to get his advice on how to stay calm and keep everyone around you laughing.
Angela Paolini : Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa or Jesus Christ. How to care and still confront people through their frustrating moments, how to keep going when things seem too difficult to break through, how to be humble in the face of adversity and learn from it. All depending on that particular day and its failures.

What song do you sing to yourself or listen to that gets you pumped or helps get you outta a funk?  

EJ: The theme song from Ferris Buellers Day Off, specifically the Chicka Chicka part. I spontaneously blurted that out while making an awesome piece of jewelry in school, and it stuck with me.
RS: I love my gym workout playlist. I don’t work out in the gym any more, but I still love the playlist. It kicks off with Robbie Williams “Let Me Entertain You” which immediately sends my energy levels off the charts. Love it!
KS: I Ran – Flock of Seagulls
AP: Fly by Nicki Minaj and Work Bitch by Brittney Spears

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

EJ: I would want the ability to transport myself to any where in the world in a second. Because I love Minnesota and our community here and I couldn’t imagine having a business any where else……but I really really need a bit of ocean and a bit of desert and a bit of mountain and a bit of sunshine on a regular basis.
RS: The ability to see into the future, in the hope that future generations will be looking back at us and thinking WTF?!
KS: The ability to wiggle my nose and turn dirt into frosting so it can easily be sculpted into perfect jumps. (Plus when you “eat it”, the pain would be so sweet.)
AP: I have no interest in having a super power. With great power comes great responsibility and I have enough responsibility already.

I first came across Kat while reading about her coaching in a bike magazine. So of course, I reached out to her. This was a few years back and we stayed in distant touch until I put "Case of the Nomads" together. Kat asked me if I would like to come volunteer at her Gravity Girls Camp in July 2015 and I could help the girls make jewelry outta bike inner tubes. Hellz Yeah, I think was my subtle response!! I learned so much from Kat, the other coaches and the girls. I was totally taken by the skills shown on and off the bike, Kat has it dialed in to what's important, helpful life skills. Thanks Kat for rocking it and passing along your vast knowledge of all around radness!!! I'd shred with you any day!!

Next Week : She Means Business : Part 4 The Future

NEW Shop Items

"No, This Eye" Earrings

Made while staying in my hometown in Nebraska. Made outta copper wire with sterling silver ear hooks then oxidized with liver of sulfar to give depth and an antique look.  

Measure : 2 3/4" long x 1 3/4" wide x 1/2" deep

Art evolves while philosophies change along with lifestyles. I'm embracing the path my work is going. I've been using items from the area where I've visited and letting go of limits I unknowingly set that held back my thoughts of my art.

Kat also introduced me to IMBA's ICP program which I'm stoked to say I just passed Level 1!!! Thanks Kat, my instructor Jason and the guys (Josh, Tim, Chuck, Ilych and Nick) who also became certified in Tustin. Badass y'all!


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