People ask me "Casey, What do you do when you get sick on the road?" My answer? Well, today I'm actually sick. I have a crap ass cold with cough and I feel like shit. I'm longing for a campsite for the weekend so that I can just chill, sleep and watch movies in Jones. But I dropped the ball. It's the beginning of camping season and it's Friday!! OOOpps. I'm lucky enough to be around some great people with offers of support but all I really want is my bed. Ya, know the comforts of your own place when you're sick. Nothing else will do, right!! Maybe I really want an apartment, a place to call home, off the road. A place that's mine, even when I'm sick. Maybe it's time for this trip to end and I should finally get a REAL home. Now, I must really be sick!!! 

What would happen if I gave up Jones?? What would happen if I lived a normal life? After these thoughts I remembered something that I realized months back. I can leave the road lifestyle at any time but it makes sense to me. This is where I'm the most happy. Jones is the place I go when I want to get away, to feel safe and to just be. This is where I go when I'm sad, happy and even sick. This is where I live my normal life. So maybe ya don't know what ya got til (you think) it's gone. Tonight when I'm parked, all snuggled in with the adventure dog, I'll wake up tomorrow feeling a bit better after a good night sleep cause I'm home. 

*Don't worry all, I'm all good, it's just a cold. I'm safe and sound. Just like to share my thoughts, how bout you??*


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To Case of the NomadsThank you for all the support and believing in me!! Couldn't do this without ya!!!