Today's post was to be about drinking beer in the desert while riding bikes for 24 hours with some awesome people. But that will have to wait. Life happens and when it does I gotta write.

I'm a privilege girl, raised with a blind eye. Is this good? Bad? No matter, It just is. This trip has shown me so much of the world and the people in it. I am no longer blind. I see so clearly that, at times, I almost wish I could stay in the darkness.

For the first time in my life, that I can recall, I heard (face to face) another girl, woman, female say that "woman are weak." Now I don't know her back story, her situation. Was it said for attention, to provoke or just repeating generations passed. Does it matter? The golden ticket question is Why did this bother me so much?

Get over it. I told myself. It's not that big of deal. Right? But I couldn't let it go. After some festering, I called my mom, thinking I was missing something. I've had to endured this view sometime in life. Maybe while growing up in my home(hick)town? 

"Mom, did anyone ever tell me I couldn't do something because I'm a girl and girls are weak?" My desperation dripping from my cell phone as I paced the produce isle of the grocery story. Passer-byers avoiding the sunny california oranges feeling my loom of frenzied energy.

Without skipping a beat, my mom replied "If someone did you'd probably have knocked their lights out."  Hummmm...well, she was probably right. I was a feisty teenager. 

But here in the now, present day, I didn't feel anger I was completely heartbroken. It brought me to tears. But why?

Yes women can be weak, we're human. But maybe that's not bad. Look at Frida Kahlo, she was physically weak spending most of her life in pain. She also spend her life being a political advocate and creating breathtakingly raw and beautiful works of art.  Temple Grandin is autistic yet she has her Ph D. Even my cousin Jill, who broke her neck as a teenager and is paralyzed, physically, but man nothing stops this woman. 

So why couldn't I get over this? Cause it sucks. Limits and boundaries set on anyone sucks. But what if in all this suckyness there is a great gift. The gift of insight. To, once again, see the beauty in the world. And what if through limitations or boundaries comes creativity which then leads to opportunity. So weak or strong, any of us can stand to look life dead in the eyes to see our own reflection looking back at us. 

"La Columna Rota" (Broken Column) Frida Kahlo 1944

"La Columna Rota" (Broken Column) Frida Kahlo 1944


-Thank you-

A bit delayed yet very much appreciated thank you to my friend Bill who has been following my travels, have given me insight, well wishes and a very generous donation. 

Thank you Bill, for your support and friendship.