A big thank you to Teresa at Mind's Eye Journal for this beautiful handmade, even personalize leather bound journal. I've filled up 4 journal since leaving LA on July 1st with my daily thoughts on where I am, a fun ride, philosophy or just random thoughts. Here's an excerpt from a my recent visit to Halstead in Prescott AZ.  

"I had a really nice time with Hilary (Halstead Scott) tonight. She reminds me to stay positive, to see the good in things. She's very much business and very much community. An equal heart of love and smarts, she's a gem this one. I'm so grateful for this visit and my time here. I'm staying in the Halstead parking lot which is surrounded by only a few other buildings, vast land and a small airport. The sounds of airplanes taking off and landing near by is a peaceful white noise of a lullaby sending me off to a deep sleep."

I can't wait to fill the pages of my new Mind's Eye Journal with more thoughts and reflections from the road. Please check out Teresa's work at Mind's Eye Journal. Thank you Teresa!

Beads of Courage

After my visit, Halstead so graciously gave me a package of goodies for the road. Dog treats, mixed nuts, pens and other useful items, thank you guys!!! The most touching gift of all makes my heart grow Beads of Courage. You carry these two beads with you on an adventure, big or small, take a photo of yourself on the adventure (if you'd like) then send one bead back with your story which will be giving to a child with a serious or life threatening illness. This bead will help to encourage and give hope to these children. Wow, right??!!! I'm so grateful to have these beads along for the next 7 months which are now part of my RoadMentos (charms others have given me along the road for luv and support) in hopes to give me courage. Thank you Mercedes and Halstead for once again giving to others!!! You all are such a great gift. 

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