Traveling is something that I've always enjoyed, ever since my first plane ride at age 3 to my current year long road trip. I hope and plan for my future to include much more explorations. What inspires and keeps my travel spark....errr...blaze a raging are people like Connie Mettler. I first met Connie (about 8 years ago???) when she did an interview with me. Connie has been in the art festival world for years, I think at least 30, probably more. She worked with her late husband who was a photographer and showed at festivals all over. After retiring from art fair life, she now passes on her vast knowledge of wisdom with Art Fair Insider. This online community is a plethora of information and support.

After the interview I never thought our paths would cross again but over the years we have stayed in touch. It wasn't until I stopped by her Michigan home for lunch that I really got to see what this wild travel lady is all about!

When I arrived at Connie's this fall I was greeted with much love and a tour of her beautiful artist home that's filled with so much spunk and spirit. After looking through her massive book collection she gave me a novel about a woman who rowed the great lakes to add to my growing library. I luv me some solo woman adventure reading (thank you Connie). She then showed me her husbands true love, model trains. The train room was tight, almost busting at the seems with a mad variety and full array of scenes. I was taken by the mind-blowing detail and strangeness of each landscape that was full of life. 

With lingering thoughts of all the great energy in Connie's house we made our way outside to a beautiful set table covered in the afternoons delightfully looking lunch. We ate and talked art, travels, love, life and getting older. As I sat listening to Connie tell story after story, about dog sledding, trips around the world and her upcoming travels to Cambodia I didn't want her words to stop. But the road calls and it was time for me to leave. We said our goodbyes and as I drove down the open road I couldn't stop thinking about how grateful I was for Connie's kindness, ability to share her home and her stories with me. I found myself smiling in the hopes that one day her history would become my future. 


Selfie with Connie!

Selfie with Connie!

Road Sensei Says : Helpful Travel Tips 

Soda Creek Campground

When I'm  deciding on a campsite there are a few factors I consider :

-Distance (from destination or event)

I totally lucked out on finding this gem near Bend Oregon that not only had all these factors BUT also had a stellar view. Soda Creek Campgrounds can get a bit busy with people coming to check out the views but it's very quiet at night. This was such a great site that I ended up staying 5 days longer than expected. When I meet up with Tambi Lane fromArmature it just happened that she frequents this spot with her family. Locals know best!

If you are in the area I highly recommend this killer campground. 

-Vaulted Toilets
-No Water
-Seasonal June-Oct
-10 Sites
-Mt. Bachelor about 5 miles way with a fun Bike Park that's about 2 years old
-First Come First Serve : Get there early for weekends or peak seasons (summer) fills up fast!!!!
-Badass Views of South Sister Mountain! 
-Near Sparks Lake
-Safe (but still be smart!!!)


Co:Operation Garnish at Brooklyn Metal Works

I will have two collaborative pieces that are part of the Co:Operative Garnish Exhibition at BMW from Feb 5th-March 4th. A big ass thank you to the gallery, Rachel Timmins and Brigitte Martin for curating andMichael Dale Bernard and Sofia Bjorkman for agreeing to create some cool ass work with me!!!! 

Motions Force is a collaboration with Michael Dale Bernard.


Self False Imprisonment is a collaboration with Sofia Bjorkman.



Prescott, AZ
Artist Talk, Visit and Workshop


University North Texas
Denton, TX
Artist Talk, Visit and Workshop


April 16-17
Flux Metal Works
Mentor, OH
Pipe Dream Workshop (click link to sign up!!)


June 20-24
Touchstone Center For Crafts
Farmington, PA
Pipe Dream Workshop (click link to sign up!!)