I spent this last weekend camping in the mountains of southern California, using this time to reflect on the craziness of last week, to create new works and to just….get lost.

Being in an area where there’s no cell phone service or internet forced me to settle into nature, letting it take away my worries and doubts only leaving behind pure contentment. I wandered, explored, had morning & afternoon dance parties with India and at one point, a few too many tequila old fashioneds. (is that a word, old fashioneds, seems so wrong...)

I hope you are able to get lost and I hope it's soon...as you probably already know, there's nothing quite like it!

Lincoln's Calling

There are so many events going on in my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska this week. Sheldon's Artist Showcase, Shop the Blocks AND Nebraska Artist Carry the Future. I’m honored to say that my work will be at all three locations. I won’t be in the show at the Sheldon but if you sneak into the Museum gift shop you will find that it’s revamped with some killer art including some of mine!!! Tsuru has my work downtown for Shop The Blocks. Nebraska Artist Carry The Future has a bunch of new work for one night ONLY!! I created some jewelry just for this event while on the mountaintop. 30% of all the sales for this event go to the non-profit Carry The Future which provides aid to refugee families. That's pretty rad.


If you aren’t able to make it to any of these events, no worries, you can place orders through my website. I’m adding new items throughout the next few weeks and I will be having a crazy big sale the day after Thanksgiving with a special discount for those on my mailing list...so sign up NOW….more details to come next week along with other fun events!!!


“Mountain Song” By Janes Addiction is said to be about many things but I’m gonna go with this one, it seems fitting: “The message of the song is that everyone views things differently and is entitled to their own opinion.” Enjoy, thanks for reading and have a great week!