Roaming to Unite Radness

Reflections from Los Angeles to life on the road

I hold up the mirror of the year past in the hopes to make my future as bright as possible. I find myself dissecting every moment, as if I’ve laid my life under a microscope and as I pier through the magnifying lens I’m in the hopes to assessing my faults and errors that need sutured in repair. I thread the needle, tie the end and prepare myself to mend but I hesitate. Unable to move I start to see the beauty in my mistakes, my flaws are breathtaking. My desires to fix my error of my ways have helped me to realize that embracing the greats, good or bad, unveil the truth. Life is damn good.

Stats from 2015

15,000 Miles Driven
1 New Car Battery (thank you Auto Zone)
5 Oil Changes
1 Car Tire Repair
30+ States Visited
10 Different States of Amazing Single Track Riding
20 Universities, Art Centers, Art Clubs Visited
30 (or more) Campsites Slept At
3 Campsites I've Left for Safety Reasons
2 Half Bottles of Buffalo Trace Broken...Ooopps!
8 Bags of Zuke's Dog Treats Consumed by India
1 Bike Tire Destroyed (thanks to the desert)

Here’s a little slide show of the past year of my last months in Los Angeles, the built of Jones…Full of Grace and the communities, places and moments from Case of the Nomads that has forever shaped me into the perfect mess of a loving human being, I’m grateful for every moment and I’m looking forward to the next 9 months on the road!!! Happy New Year and may your journey in life be as great and flawed as the best of us!!!

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I've found that fundraising is an essential part of this journey, along with teaching workshops, giving lectures and mountain bike coaching. Thank you to all who have donated in the past, I greatly appreciate it!! This fundraiser isn't about supporting a nomadic lifestyle but to support others willing to dare to dream then make it happen. Help be part of this grand adventure and receive a gift from the road in return. This event ends at 3pm CST on January 13th. Please pass along to others and thank you. 

*photos are just examples of possible gifts, depending on availability. Thank you.*



Fun events, blog posts and happening are just around the corner. Bike coaching, workshops, trunk shows, university visits and exciting single track riding are just part of whats to come, please stay posted for all things bright in 2016!!

Thanks for reading and happy 2016!!