I don't really know much about baseball, don't get me wrong it's rad but my only experience with the sport was my short lived T-Ball career, going to a few games and at 5 years old I was so bad ass at wiffle ball that I actually thought I might go pro.

I did stumble, once again, upon someone that did make it to the major leagues and has inspired me, Daniel NorrisHe has a 92 mile an hour pitch, is a pro athlete and lives in a '78 Volkswagen van. Even though he makes the wage of a pro he lives a humble life. He's decided to focus on the simple things. It is ahhing that he's become so successful at such a young age but that's not what caught my eye, his lifestyle did. I found Daniel through instagram, we follow a few of the same #vanlifers and after I looked over his page I thought 'he's doing some cool stuff.' He also takes really beautiful pictures of people while traveling, he has this ability to capture spirits spot-on, a talent I'm trying to develop. 

I saw this recent post on instagram which I think is damn rad.

(above photo taken by Daniel Norris taken from Instagram)

"If you give me some money I'll sing you a song" - She sang "You are my sunshine" to me with a raspy but confident voice. The fact that she chose that song to sing told me that she still had sunshine on the cloudy day. She still had a glimmer of light even though she doesnt have a lamp to turn off before she falls asleep. She still has hope even though she doesn't have a home. - As I walked away & across the street. A couple of ladies asked me why I stood & talked to her & why I took her portrait. My answer was simple "Perspective" - the magnitude of her problems trump mine. Easily... Be inspired to always focus on the sunshine. 

This inspires me and give me hope for the future. That the message of simplicity, following your dreams, helping others and the love/respect of nature IS being passed along. What message are you passing on?