Sounds like a crazy video game that digs deep in your cranium to master all. Yet The Cranial Quest is a two person rowing team that is currently rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Wow is right!!!

I stumbled upon these fellow adventures while sitting at a coffee shop in my hometown over the holidays. I was reading about the new Star Wars movie and as I turned the page my sights were captivated by a photo of rowers. Unbeknownst to me the universe has send sea venturers in my direction which has me in utter ahhhhh.

Caitlin & George graduated from the University of Nebraska in May and in December they departed La Gomera with the challenge of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in a boat that's about 23 feet long! Again they are ROWING, no motor no sails just oars! I've been tracking them and following their Facebook page. They have faced a pretty fierce storm and massive slept deprivation but continue to move on mile by mile until they arrive in Antigua.

I've never met Caitlin or George but they inspire me, their passion for a life altering challenge, to support a great charity and to conquer the sea fills me with hope and damn giddiness!!

Even though I have a nice sized fear of the big blue The Cranial Quest team has put some surreal ideas in my head. Thanks Caitlin & George, y'all are badass, keep at it and I can't wait to see photos of your arrival!!!

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