I’ve been touched, I’ve been moved. I’ve been inspired and changed all by a man whom I will never know. I only have the images and sounds of this famed person that has touched my heart throughout my life. I gotta say I feel a little childish seeing these words appear in front of me while I write but why? When I was questioning my gender or sexuality he was there, blurring the lines to the relief of so many. From the moment I saw him at Carnegie Hall to the first time as Ziggy Stardust that would be it for me, he would become my fashion icon. Even now when I struggle with a design I think to how he once broke through stereotypes to establish his own style. This inspires me to push myself even more.
But how can someone we don’t know inspire us to feel so connected to them?  

Before my travels I was figuring out how to break into the adventure world. I reached out to the Adventure’s Club of Los Angeles and the Explorer’s Club who have welcomed me with open arms and a chat over a bit of scotch. Their members range from Sir Edmund Hillaryto John Goddard to Dian Fossey who I've never met and never will but their inspiration will live on for many lifetimes!!!

Erica DeMarco, who I met a few years back at CraftBoston, took me not only into her home but we dove into her community. Erica and her husband Dave are fitting for this post cause they have mad style and such an ability to care for others. During my visit to Boston Erica took me to Metalwerx where she and others explore the wonders of metal. We went to her favorite restaurant Toro that holds the ranks of the best food creations around. My visit was finished with a tour of local metal master Andrea Williams studio then dinner with some of the raddest ladies in Boston. Both Erica and Dave have treated India and I like family, which they now are.

Metal badass Betty Jager was a super fan of mine. We met at a show and I gotta say it was a bit surreal to think I had influenced or inspired someone without knowing them. I instantly become in ahhhh of how amazingly cool this chick was but utterly blown away by her talent of finding her voice in the jewelry world. Her work is a spitting image of her huge heart, spirit and badassness. She’s now my dear friend and sista. 

So maybe it’s not too far fetched being inspired or feeling connected to people we don’t know. I guess you could say we are all strangers when we meet.

Betty rocking it with her killer jewelry!

Betty rocking it with her killer jewelry!

Strangers that inspire! I'll be sending out a few posts this week about people I don't know yet inspire me in hopes that maybe you'll dig what they are doing too!!! I encourage you to share with me as well...send an email, post to facebook...whatever, just get on it!

"Haven" is a new addition to the fundraiser event taken at this years Gravel Worlds near Lincoln Nebraska. This event ends at 3pm CST on January 13th.