Nebraska is blessed with great local shops and businesses. One of the divine is Tsuru (Japanese word for crane) that is owned by the fashion and art savvy sister team, Matel and Scoie has been thriving for the past 8 years in downtown Lincoln.

When you walk by Tsuru you know you will see a snazzy and inspiring window display capturing your attention with the newest seasons flare. The brick rustic walls inside the shop are dressed with warmth and welcome. The sister’s artistic energy flows throughout the shop and is fueled by the equally talented Tsuru staff that are more like family than employees. I am proud to say Tsuru was one of the very first venues to house my crafted jewels and they continue to be great supporters of the arts, local and afar. 

Scoie & Matel outside their boutique

I first met Matel a few years back purely by accident or perhaps by the aligning of the universe. I was playing around with photography, thinking that would be the profession I wanted to pursue in the arts. When I took an alternative photography class from the local art center, Lux Center for the Arts, Matel was my instructor. She taught me how to create Van Dyke and Cyanotype prints along with how to think outside the boundaries of my ideas of photography. Even though Matel and I had a connection it wasn’t until I took a class at the local community college where once again the universe brought us back together and this time for good. Matel, once again, teaching me the ways of the photo world. This time she led me to push the limits with my art, which I still use today with documenting my current adventure. 

My final class project, exaggerated photos about the service industry. Matel suggested I be featured in each shot which gave for an extra challenge. Here I'm featured as the stud bartender that every women luvs and every man thrives to be. 

While planning my route for Case of the Nomads I initially wasn’t going to pass through my hometown of Lincoln but opted to do away with that plan. Once I re-routed my direction I knew I wanted to have a trunk show at Tsuru, it just made sense. Like always the Tsuru gang went all out. We had delicious gluten free treats from a local bakery, Goldenrod Pastries, a full house eager to ask questions about my travels and the shop was full of the loveliest energy. As I wondered from old face to the next I though to myself, damn it felt so good to be home among my family of friends.  

Getting some love from my dear friend Jaime while trying on matching hats at Tsuru.

Not only is Tsuru a poster child for the entrepreneurial spirit of support for community and art but so are the sisters behind it. Thank you Matel and Scoie.