I've had one spiderman of a battle this week. My Iphone died. I had to wait about 4 days for a new one because of insurance and shipping issues. Now my new phone refuses to charge. I'm delayed because of a phone, it sounds so ridicules. I really want to chuck this hunk of junk (that costs bout $700) into the damn river!! But after much thought and temptation I decided to take my friend Sam's advice.    


Go to your larder and pluck a ripe eggie from your cooler.
Take that perfect orb, that highly evolved shape. That shape that is designed to roll around in a safe circle.
Eggs are evolved to circle back to the safe zone.
The safe zone was you in LA, or Nebraska, or the jeweler.
You are the egg. The egg is you.
Eggs have many layers of meaning.
They are female, they represent the future.
They are sensual. They are perfect.
They fry up nice if you break them, but to hold them is sublime. They feel wonderful in the hand. The surface is porus but watertight.
Eggs are beautiful things.
But the egg that I ask you to pull from your cooler.
That brown potential of a chicken or an omelet.

Take that egg,
Take that egg.
And throw it as fuckin far as you can.
Heave it.
Hurl it. Break it.
And when you do, say good bye to the past.
Say hello to what may come.
You are on a road trip of adventure.
You are in the middle of it, and sharing your doubts and venerability is a beautiful thing.
Smash that egg.
Move forward.
Smash the eggie.
You are the egg, and you stepped away so you could find the space to break the egg.
What are you waiting for?
Send me a pic.
A broken eggie.


I had a bit of a melt down yesterday.....this trip is going awesome but there are a lot of learning curves. Sometimes when they all come together at once the frustration snaps. My brother sent me this video this morning, after our talk yesterday (my phone worked for about 2 hours yesterday at actually the perfect time, thank you universe.)

I know realize that the road is my Yoda and I am a young(ish) Jedi in training. Thanks Bro!!!

One last aligning of the universe. As I was going through my emails today, I was reading over Roz Savage's "U is for Uncluttering". Roz is an amazing Ocean Rower turned Life Coach extraordinaire, we have worked together a bit and am honored to say we are becoming friends. She's currently doing a blog series on Courage. I've enjoyed following the posts and it's also be extremely helpful while on the road. 

As I was sitting down to some morning drawings this am, I realized I need to simplify things a bit. This it hit me, not only in my art but in my life. So when Roz's post started with "Simplicity is a great healer" I had to share it with y'all. Read it, read others, pass it along and let Roz know what ya think.


I am off, don't know where but unfortunately it won't be Canada or Crankworx. It's been my dream to ride in BC and to take part in my first DH race. This was a very difficult decision but I had to go with my heart. My dear friend in LA told me before I left to do this adventure 100%, no regrets. Thanks J, this advice helped to make my decision. No Regrets!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!