Bend Oregon was a place that kind of just popped up on my radar. I hadn’t planned to stop there but after doing some research and making some connections I changed my mind. Bend, here we come!!

My main contact was Tambi Lane, a photographer who has a creative space in a rad area of Bend, The Old IronWorks. I found Tambi’s space Armature while searching online. We exchanged emails and then a phone call. Once off the phone we had scheduled a workshop, even thought it was the middle of summer and with a bit of last minute notice we went for it. Tambi was excited and so was I!!
Before arriving in Bend Tambi had emailed me saying the workshop had no takers. Bum deal, we both thought, but that’s part of an adventure, gotta just roll with it. It actually turned out for us both. Tambi was going camping and I was just getting a handle on this travel thing plus I was camping too, just wasn’t sure where yet!!!

50 Scott Street, Old Ironworks Location in Bend...I totally dig this sign!!

50 Scott Street, Old Ironworks Location in Bend...I totally dig this sign!!

Before we both headed off into the big bad wilderness we meet at the Old IronWorks area so she could show me around and damn, am I glad she did!!!

Armature explains it all on their sign, a creative space. I was told that this was the mill part of the ironworks, back in the day. The beautiful woods planked floors represent Oregon to a T!!! Half the space is a photo studio that Tambi uses at her space and rents out to parties, a chiropractor (at times) and others in the community. The other half is a gallery area for featured artists and studio spaces for local artists. There’s a jeweler, painters and others. I fell in love with the wood and iron work that filled this simple yet thriving space. 

fter talking with Tambi I ventured to Cindercone Clay Center. I ran into Chad, who was enjoying what I would think to be a typical Bend breakfast of what looked to be granola, berries and yogurt. I asked to take photos of the space, told him bout my trip and we instantly started to talk bikes, art and a bit of history of the Old Ironworks. He told me about the artist in the space of Cindercone Clay Center, which first were clay artists but now house many different mediums. He also told me about the progression of all the spaces in the Old Ironworks. I was starting to really see their strong community vibe that seemed to seep outta every crook and cranny. 

I had to force myself away from Chad, we could have talked bikes and art all day but I had some more exploring to do.  The Workhouse was next. Each building was starting to have a theme; they would start with a gift shop of killer art then transition into artist studios. They all had a communal table in the middle of the rooms too, nice to see and nice to see people actually communing there instead of working away, hidden in their studios. The Workhouse was home to painters, jewelers, seamstress, sewer and even someone that uses beer as paint.

he ended my tour of the old ironworks with a jeweler’s studio, Stuart’s Of Bend. Stuart’s shop has the same theme of a gift shop and showcased most of his work. Lots of copper, rivets, leather. It was beautiful. Behind the glass of the shop was his studio, which was even more beautiful to me. It had this old-time feel to it but with a sense of humor as well. His workbench was a mess (just like mine!!), a sign of an artist at work!! He even had a bike in his studio. Rad. I geeked out at his set up then thanked him for letting me snoop while taking photos.

ow, pretty damn cool. I thought as I went to leave. But wait. I missed the coffee shop, Sparrow. I was hunger so I grabbed a quick salad and coffee. While I waited I took some photos and just took in this quaint little place. I found out that Sparrows has a bakery across the road where they bake goods daily. Pretty cool for the gluten eaters out there, I did get my fill by peaking in the bakery window to see the loaves resting to cool in the window.

Old IronWorks I think I’m smitten with you.

Part 2....coming soon......


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