I took this amazing class at Metro Community College years ago. My kickass instructor helped challenge me creatively and I'm damn glad to say she still is....This is for you Matel, a little photo journalism. 12 photos of nomads morning. Enjoy!! 

Good MOOOOORRRning Vietn....err...Nowhere??? 

India wakes to the chipmunks taunting her with double dog dares to come play.

Yes mom, I make my bed EVERY morning! Surprising, I know.

India take me for a walk every day, even if I'm half alseep.

I take great caution in feeding the beast. The chance of getting drooled on makes this one of the most dangerous jobs on or off the road.

Now time to groom the other beast, the human!

Splish Splash!!!!

Learned my brushing technique from Caveman Ernie and the Royal Smart Person.


I never thought that a sponge bath with biodegradable baby wipes would make me so happy, its now all about the small things in life that bring me pleasure.

Breakfast of coffee and cream of rice with raisins and almond butter (thank's to Justin's) AND I'm charging my cell phone, thanks to Biolite's radass stove! Clean energy meal!

Even in the middle of nowhere the dishes must be done. India???

No morning is able to come to an end without the thoughts of the days past. And yes I know that I hold my pen weird, thanks for pointing that out.

*All photos shot by Casey Sheppard, even the shoulderstance shot, don't ask how!!*


A big shout out THANK YOU to Lee and Gary for your generous donations!!! They read my Biolite blog post, reached out in support with kind words then both made a donation through my website (I have a new donations page!!) Wow, the kindness of others continues to amaze me!! And thank you to all the others that reached out after reading the post passing along your kind words of support and your own adventure stories. From Boise to Boston to Tasmania, Thank you!!! I LUV it!!!

Incase you missed the post, please check it out! Biolite went all out on this interview and I am truly grateful!! Thank you Biolite!!

One Year Off The Grid : Embracing Life As a Nomad

"Jones...Full of Grace"

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