What a week. I don’t think you could have thought up a week so full of adventure but that’s why I’m out here, right? For adventure. To push my limits. See what’s out there. Create art. Ride my bike. Connect. Well that is what I’ve been doing!

A Fortunate Accident

Last week (Saturday) my phone died. With my insurance it would take two days (ended up three) for a new phone. So I spent my time at Rainy Creek Campground (a super awesome FREE campsite just pass Stevens Pass in Washington) working on some art. One the way back to Woodinville I stopped by this super cute, tiny ass town called Skykomish. After India and I snopped around town I stopped in the local pub to use their wi-fi. I ended up running to the brother in law (Tom) of my old boss from Lincoln, The fabulous jeweler Sydney Lynch. Tom and his new wife were on their honeymoon and just happened to be staying about 5 miles away. This was so serendipitous, I was suppose to be in Canada, I didn’t even have plans to go to this area of Washington but it just happened. Small ass world.  

Onward to Sprint!

Once I picked up my phone it died that night, yes the new one. Sprint said it would take ANOTHER two days, even thought they had the same phone in store it was against policy. I said no way and went to Apple who replaced it on the spot, no charge. Thank you cute guys who helped me and I can’t remember your name.  

Sofie’s Choice

At this point I had a decision to make. Continue north to Canada or bypass Crankworx and all it’s glory by heading south. This was a very difficult choice but I was getting short on time and money was getting a little tight due to a missing check I’ve been patiently waiting for (still waiting for).  I made my choice. Instead of pushing and rushing north, I stayed in the states and headed south, toward Walla Walla. 


I found a campsite and headed towards south Washington. Within a few miles of my destination my GPS led me up a primitive  and very steep gravel road. Jones couldn’t make it, as we slid back down the major gnarly road I held my breath and took control. I turned Jones around (came very close to rolling her), found a new route (thanks to my Atlas, thanks iphone) and started to breathe again. What’s that smell???? I thought as I rolled down my window. I pulled over to smoke flowing, no bellowing out of my drivers wheel well just as my phone went to NO SERVICE mode. I jumped in the car, headed down the road hoping it led to a town. I found a KOA campsite, they took me in (Sheryl and CeCe were amazing and told me this happens all the time round there, it’s just breaks overheating. thank you, ladies), told me a place to take my car to the next day and as I settled into my campsite I made a well needed Old Fashioned. The next morning I saw a car pull in, tires smoking and lady screaming “my car’s on fire”….Ahh been there, done that!

Saturday : Banjos, Schlitz and Hand Guns

I decided to go towards biking trails near Yellowstone but with a quick stop in Idaho. The site I found was free (which I was excited about) and as I pulled in something seemed off, like Deliverance off. As I got settled little things keep making me think I should leave but it wasn’t until the others at the site started shooting hand guns that I jumped in the drivers seat and sped like hell outta there. And it’s gotta take a lot for this Nebraska girl to get freaked out. But screw that.  I came to a site about 20 miles away, parked next to the camp host, paid my $12 and slept like a baby.

Sunday : Winds A Blowin'

After my very filled adventurous week I focused that mornings mediation on being safe and getting back to the fun. As I pulled into Montana I felt a sense of calm, friendliness and no vibes of a Rulo Gang (I would explain but it’s too freaky, you’ll have to look it up). Wow, Montana is beautiful. I stayed at a campsite near Darby. It was free and a few families were there. I had a great night sleep and the next day about three forest rangers had been through. I spoke to one, Ryan, he said they want everyone to have fun and be safe.  I could have kissed him! He also told me they got an alert about wind and rain coming through. 

As we parted our ways the storm came in. You could hear the rumble back behind the mountain, it sounded like a dam breaking. The wind picked up so much that my Big Agnes tarp I had up was whipping like crazy. I ended up tearing it while taking it down. India and I closed up Jones and watched the storm. Trees started falling over, pine needles were flying like darts through the air and then the rain hit. After about 30-40 minutes blue skies came out. Once I peaked my head out my neighbor came over to see if I was okay. She had just gotten back to the site. I was fine, actually not freaked out at all, til we walked around. Over 100 trees in our site were knocked over, pulled up from the roots. It was crazy!!! The forest rangers came and told us it wasn’t safe to stay the night. Storms where still coming through and more damage could be done. They told me I could get a hotel but Darby was out of power so I’d have to go to Hamilton (about 20 miles or more away). The ranger also offered for me to stay in the forest rangers parking lot since I was sleeping in my van. While driving to the ranger station I came across down power lines, about 100 feet from the parking lot entrance. I though to myself“I think I’ll get a hotel.” 

Keep Truckin'

As I continue on this journey I think of how awesome it is to be out here, to really live and see.  It’s been a true test and it’s only the beginning. Who knows, maybe by the end of this trip I’ll be able to bend steel, run faster than a speeding bullet or even fly!!! Once can wish, can’t she. Here are some photos of why I continue on, why I luv being out here and why this is such an amazing adventure.  

Thank U's

Oh and a big ass Burning Man thank you to my friend Shane. I meet him at the Adventurers Club of LA and he has been such a great supporter of my trip. He’s also shared a bunch from his amazing ventures with me, which I luv hearing about. Thanks for sponsoring a warm meal for India and me.  Have a blast at Burning Man, can’t wait to hear all about it!!! Please check out Shane's killer photography.

Shane Berry Photography

And a Big Bigfoot thank you to my parents in Iowa for sponsoring a tank of gas and doggie treats. India is super duper happy right now, as am I!

Keep Em' Coming!!!

Keep sending in your adventure stories, I luv hearing them!! It feel like you are with me and It’s so great to have you all along on this adventure. 

Please contact me with questions, comments, stories, hi-fives or just to say hi!!! Pass along to any and all!!! Thanks for reading!!!