You Bite Down Deeper
Your Tongue Can Cut A Heart Out
You've Passed The Point Of Return

Soul Sucker 
By Ozzy Osbourne

July Something at a National Park in the middle of Nowhere Washington about 9pm

I’m laying here reading Amanda Palmers kickass book (which yall should go out and buy or borrow from a friend or me cause it’s awesome!!!) and she’s talking about her fans, her community. About her kickstarter and it’s success. It was successful because she had created a strong trusting relationship with a fan base which went back years, sometimes decades. So why was my indigogo unsuccessful??? My community??? My relationship with it??  I felt that I lost touch with my community when I moved to LA. It wasn’t LA’s fault I just under estimated it’s ability to suck out souls. When I was in the mist of this battle I was too blinded to see anything else. I was truly and utterly alone, lost and not knowing what to do. I wasn't creating, writing, riding my bike, calling my family or friends. I was working, working and if I had a moment to sleep it was just that, a moment then back to work. I finally made my way to the clearing and slowly….oh how amazing slow it was....slowly my soul started to mend itself and rebuild.

Back to the campaign, I did have backers, THANK YOU for supporting me!!!! But it wasn't an overwhelming response to fund my project. I knew it would take work, hard work. I did a kickstarter a few years back and it was a full time job. I was okay with that, knew that's part of it. But I worked my ass off on my indiegogo and I felt my financial goal almost halt the more work I put into it. I think finally figuring out the difference between hard work and productive work. I've also realized that I did have an out pour of people wanting me to visit, setting me up with a place to stay. Helping me set up a workshops so I could make some money while on the road, hosting trunk shows, asking me to speak at their colleges (and get paid for it!!). So maybe my crowdsourcing campaign was unsuccessful by not reaching my goal but it was successful. I saved enough money for a few months on the road, sold some jewelry before I left and other goods. I have workshops lined up just in time to keep me going and I'm here, living my dream and this is all because of you!!  Thank you!

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