I went out into the rain suddenly everything changed

Bright Eyes First Day Of My Life

Day 1 : Case of The Nomads

Scared, excited, not knowing what to expect I drove off into the narrow desert roads. This vast land, open, wondering its winds for miles was a bit overwhelming. I was all alone (with India, couldn't forget you buddy) with little to no cars passing.

The fluffly clouds slowly transitioned into dark streaks of gnarly rain that filled the sky. This freaked me out a bit. I hadn't experienced real weather in years. The black wall and hail disappeared just as fast as it hit. Pheeew, I could relax, well, as much as a newbie nomad could.

The desert heat was back out to play and it was game on. When I pulled down Jones' visor to block the shifting blaze of the afternoon sun a letter fell. It was from my brother. I read the heartful "go get em" "I'll kick anyones ass that messes with you" letter. As the tears rolled down my checks I was reminded of all the others that have offered their support while I set out on this adventure. I become humble....proud of my life....and this was just the first day of it.


I've been known to be the breaker of rules but to break them it's key to know them!!! To my own surprise (and probably others) I made a few for the road. I thought it would be good to have some guidelines.

1. Don't drive over 5 hours in a day
2. Don't drive at night

Seems pretty good, right?!?! Well, in the first day I broke both of these rules. Shocking, I know. I was late leaving and had a deadline. I drove over 9 hours and arrived at my first campsite around 9:30pm. But this did spark another set of....well...not rules but must haves for the road. This is what I have so far.

1. Water
2. Atlas/Map
3. Food
4. Atlas/Map

Settling in for the first night at Angel Fire campground outside Wells, Nevada. After white knuckle driving through hail, lighting and down pours of rain an   Omission   was a nice end to the day. 

Settling in for the first night at Angel Fire campground outside Wells, Nevada. After white knuckle driving through hail, lighting and down pours of rain an Omission was a nice end to the day. 

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

I'm learning. I'm evolving. I'm adapting. My trusty atlas is key when my phone is either dead or has no service, plus maps are just damn cool! I'm letting myself be late when I don't have to be on time, take an extra day when I don't have a date booked. My eyes are starting to see how beautiful the road is, how it's so open and free. I'm letting myself wonder, explore, see, hear, really listen and BREATHE!!!

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

I have a challenge for you. BioLite Stoves is doing something that is so rad and I am jumping in! It's a pledge to go off the grid for 48 hours. Can you live without fossil fuels or plugging in for 48 hours???

I took this bit from their website. I think we could all get behind this.

Three billion people around the globe people still live in energy poverty and at BioLite we are on a mission to change that. We develop products that serve Off Grid communities around the world and dedicate half of our business specifically to emerging markets. By purchasing BioLite products, you not only receive great camping equipment, but also support people living in energy poverty. Through our Off Grid Weekend campaign, we aim to heighten awareness about the opportunities provided to us when accessing energy is easy and what happens when it isn’t so easy.

August 14-16th I ask you to join me. There's no driving but plenty of getting outside and going off the grid. This will give you an idea of what my life, and many others, is like on the road. Click this link for more details 

Off The Grid

Thank Ya....Thank Ya Very Much

I gotta say I'm always taken with the support for strangers, colleagues, friends and family. Today is an especially awesome Thank You that goes out to Brigitte Martin. Brigitte has been a huge supporter in my career and this adventure, along with many others in the craft industry. Thank you for sponsoring some dog food and gas while we are on the road!! 

Here's my info if you want to sponsor a bag of ice, some water, dog food or even a tank of gas:

PayPal : caseofthenomads (at) gmail (dot) com or Venmo : @kclshep

Thank You.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, ideas, high-fives, must see places or just to say hi!!! Also please join my mailing list, this way you will receive my updates direct.

Pass this along to any and all!! Thanks so much for reading....see ya on the road.