Here are some random thoughts from my may or may not want to know what's going on in my head but here ya go!!! Thanks for reading....I think.....

July 12, 2015....Bend, Oregon  

"I want to do something different. Right now I don't feel like I'm doing something different besides living outta a van. Which really isn't that different. A dude in a transit is camping at the same site as me.

Today I didn't want to come to Bend for the trunk show. I didn't want to be around people. Talk, say "Hey please take a look at my jewelry. It's PVC pipe, copper, leather, handmade." Vomit! That's why I'm on this trip, to expand and break out of the norm I've been doing or not doing.

But how do I support myself. Well. I have enough to last about two months. Guess for the next few months I'm good. 

It makes me rethink things. Make what the fuck I want, have fun and let go!!!

India and I have been playing in this meadow. I let her off the leash and she RUNNNNSSS. It freaked me a bit yesterday but I carry a bag of treats to call her back when she goes too far. She's so happy!! Today we went again. I felt a sense of tension gone. Letting go. She didn't want to run from me, like the past few years. She wanted to come back around, of course for a treat but also for a smile. We're bonding even more and I wish the world was just me and her. I think I may become one of those people who lives alone in a cabin in the woods. No one around. Or maybe after living in LA with four and at times six roommates it's REALLY fucking nice to have some alone time!!!

I just don't have the desire to do what I think I should do.

Like making money or showering!! HA!! I actually washed my hair and took a sponge bath in Jones.

Gotta tell ya, after a week without washing my hair it felt damn nice and the sponge bath too!

Gotta say it is nice sitting here at Rescue Consignment, door open, rain filled sky and me in a red velvet old school chair journaling away!!! It's super slow here, little or no costumers but I embrace the vacancy."