Something’s changing. Things feel different.  I feel different. It started yesterday with a jar of peanut butter from Justin's. Justin’s is a natural food company out of Boulder that makes the most amazing peanut, almond, hazelnut and other varieties of butters.  Justin’s and I have a lot of the same philosophies so I asked for their help with my project. They reached out by sending me 3 jars of butter, 3 boxes of travel size butters and Justin’s stickers. I was floored with their generosity.  Especially to someone they didn’t know. Thank you Justin's.

Throughout the rest of the day I had this sense of something. I didn’t know what. I was becoming more and more aware of it as the night went on.
It finally revealed it’s self this morning during my meditation.  But I was unsure and a bit scared of the change.  If I let go to embrace this next step would I loose sight of my purpose? Of what I’m setting out to find? Of my self? 

“We must let go of the life we have planned
so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”

With these few words whispered from a deep soft voice in my earphones I succumbed. I no longer felt scared or doubtful of my choice.  This choice, this something was now my path. With this new path I have fresh eyes with a sense of calm. I now know to look at things, this project, my life with these thoughts. It’s no longer how can my community help me but just about community. Help, do, how, doesn’t exist. It just is.
Even though I became aware of this by a jar of peanut butter it was everyone who reached out to help show me this path that started it. From the support of my first piece of jewelry made to following me along the AIDS Lifecycle to my 30 day blog challenge to strangers offering their homes with a warm bed and meal for me and India while on the road.  This is community and I’m yours.
During my walk after today’s meditation I called my mom to share my thoughts. She asked me what was the feeling? At first I didn’t know how to answer or what it was until the words passed my lips. Peace. 

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Thank You